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How To Look Remarkable In Women’s Plus Size Lingerie

Women’s plus size lingerie can be the best thing that ever happened to your relationship. It’s time to embrace those curves and learn how to enhance your sexuality with these incredible tips.

Women’s plus size lingerie

A plus size woman is a beautiful one, even if she may doubt herself on occasion. It’s important to realise that there is no one perfect shape or size, and that sexy comes in many forms. To reveal your best version of ‘sexy’ you need to understand a little more about the lingerie you are buying.

It’s true that not all materials, styles and colours are going to look great on you. If you are going to discover the lingerie that drives your significant other crazy with desire, then you’re going to need a bit of knowledge and a thorough testing process to see what works and what doesn’t.

Today’s post is about plus size adult sex outfits and lingerie, and what you can do to look remarkable for your significant other the next time you choose a specific look, style or roleplay.

Where To Begin: Plus Size 101

It’s a tragedy that curvy women have traditionally been marginalized in the women’s lingerie industry. Women’s plus size lingerie has only bloomed into popularity over the last 15 years, thanks to a growing social awareness that ALL women want to look and feel sexy.

No matter your size or shape, every woman has the right to dress to impress so that she can unleash her playful, sassy side in the bedroom.

According to a study published in the European Heart Journal, ‘overweight’ people are at no greater risk of developing or dying from heart disease or cancer, than people of average weight – as long as they are metabolically fit. Women’s plus size lingerie often caters to skinny women!

The real cruelty of it all? The fashion industry calls anything from a size 8 and up a plus size. Many companies say a size 12 is plus size! So you can be skinny and plus size in today’s twisted world.

Facts like ‘you can be fat and fit’ have gone a long way to breaking down stigmas. Plus nearly ALL women (97% of them according to a Glamour Mag survey) dislike their bodies, something that has nurtured this obsession with ‘thin’ in the fashion industry.

In South Africa women’s plus size lingerie begins with medium sizes and goes all the way up to 6 times extra-large, for the fuller woman.

Looking remarkable though, is a challenge for women with curvier figures, especially when it comes to fuller figure sexy lingerie. After all, the goal is to look your best and feel confident – neither of which you’ll be able to achieve if you feel unconfident and insecure.

The good news is that we can help!

The 5 Rules of Plus Size Lingerie Shopping

Rule #1: The Right Size Matters

Shopping for women’s plus size lingerie is easy when your main priority is fit and size. Don’t consider the other elements of your garment before you have found one that will fit you well.

Too many curvy ladies want to ‘size up’ to cover those bits you might not like, but you need to resist that temptation – because it actually makes you look bigger.

A solid lingerie choice that fits well will flatter you where it counts and cover up those parts you would rather leave to the imagination! Be as daring as you want, this is bedroom wear after all.

Camille Plus Size Chemise – Passion

Camille Plus Size Chemise - Passion

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Rule #2: The Right Style Matters

You know your body better than anyone, and when the goal is to look sexy – you’ll want to draw his eye to the right spots. This means style matters just as much as fit.

The best women’s plus size lingerie will make you feel gorgeous, alluring and ready for action! We suggest corsets to give you that classic look or full items that accentuate your curves, like sexy babydolls, lace chemise or suggestive camisoles.

Find a style that suits your personality – dark is mysterious and dominating; light is innocent and playful. And don’t forget to show off your favourite features, if you know what we mean!

Edith Plus Size Set – Passion

Edith Plus Size Set - Passion

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Rule #3: Match Colour To Mood

Women with fuller figures can wear any colour they like, it’s a total myth that you should never go near lighter colours or whites. Flattering items depend on fit, not colour!

You can also go nuts with prints, if that’s what you like but make sure they are in proportion to your body. The general rule is that women’s plus size lingerie should match your complexion and your mood. That means having a decent selection, and choosing what to wear based on your emotions.

If you are feeling experimental and smoking hot, a deep red could send the right message. Black is great for sophisticated, sultry experiences, and baby pink is cute for submissive play.

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Edith Plus Size Corset – Passion

Edith Plus Size Corset - Passion

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Rule #4: Pick The Right Materials

For busty ladies with curves, the right materials are very important in this process. You may have noticed that thinner, flimsy fabrics tend to fall badly, catching in all of your nooks and crannies.

This sort of material can highlight your curves, and not in a very flattering way – so avoid them. Instead go with materials that have structure, some weight and substance, like heavier lace instead of the very light and transparent kind.

Women’s plus size lingerie can be very slimming if you find the items that are cut correctly and have folds of material in the right places. Look out for these they will quickly become your favourites!

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Brasiliana Plus Size Corset – Passion

Brasiliana Plus Size Corset - Passion

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Rule #5: The Sexy Mindset

Curvy women have a tough time giving themselves permission to feel sexy. In a world obsessed with ‘thin’ and ‘perfect’ it’s likely that you have hang ups about the way you look.

The most important thing about looking remarkable in women’s plus size lingerie is your attitude. You have to feel confident, sexy and in charge in order to have a great sexual experience.

To get yourself in the mood, we strongly suggest learning more about your body by using sex toys with your partner. Explore yourself, get him to explore you and appreciate what you have!

Somewhere in the world there is a skinny woman who is preparing to have major surgery to have a butt like yours, or to be able to fill a corset like you do. Embrace it.

Ymare Anais Gorgeous Plus Size Lingerie

Ymare Anais Gorgeous Plus Size Lingerie

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Developing Your Own Lingerie Style

As you expand your collection and venture into different types of women’s plus size lingerie, you will discover what you love and what doesn’t quite suit you.

Pay attention to what your significant other says makes you look amazing, and whether it’s the item you are wearing or the attitude you are showing him because you feel so confident and sexy. You will learn a lot about which garments give you the sexual edge if you do.

Once you have found your confidence, why not explore the world of adult costumes? As a type of women’s plus size lingerie, costumes can add a new dimension to your sex life.

The key here is to develop your very own women’s plus size lingerie style. It should complement your fetishes and bedroom personality, and give you an immediate boost in sexual energy. If you don’t feel like a super-seductress in your outfits, you need something better.

Along the way you will realize which materials feel and look the best, and which ones are better in concept than in practice. Some corsets for example may make you look jaw-dropping – but once you get hot and heavy, if you can barely breathe that’s going to deflate your sex drive.

Women’s plus size lingerie can provide the most amazing boost to your sex life. You deserve to feel like the goddess you are, and to feel the desire in the room before sex.

I want to encourage you to begin your journey with lingerie or adult sex outfits like all women should. Forget your size, your shape and your weight. We are all afraid of our imperfections, but we regularly forget about the things that can be perfect if we make them that way.

How do I shop for plus size lingerie? Use these tried and tested rules to find the women’s plus size lingerie of your dreams here at Désir. With the right fit, style, colours, materials and attitude you can be the sexiest version of yourself – making him desperate for more.

For more great advice on sexual health for women, check out our post on women’s sex tips to immediately improve intimacy, or find out how to ask your lover the sex queries you have been obsessing about.

Foli Anais Gorgeous Plus Size Lingerie

Foli Anais Gorgeous Plus Size Lingerie

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What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it inspiring! In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you. As a plus sized woman, what challenges do you face when selecting lingerie?

Be bold, and leave your comment below.

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