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The Top 5 Non-Realistic Sex Toys for LGBTQ+ Couples

Non-realistic sex toys were once ugly lumps of silicone, but not anymore! In honour of international Pride month, we’re taking a closer look at 5 of our bestselling toys for LGBTQ+ couples!

These toys are not exclusively LGBT, in fact – designer sex toys like these have become incredibly popular over the last 5 years thanks to improvements in material quality, style and demand. If you don’t like the idea of a realistic toy, then these are for you.

With more and more adult toy companies coming out with cute, trendy and fun designs – it’s no wonder South Africans are falling in love with these non-realistic, anatomically discreet toys.

The Top 5 Non Realistic Sex Toys for LGBTQ Couples Collage

Let’s take a moment to honour pride month, and then delve into our top 5 pick for this year’s 2017 non-realistic sex toys line up. Many of these toys are ultra-collectible and great for couples play.

Gay Pride: A Quick Minute for the Important Stuff

It’s international pride month, which means all over the world LGBTQ+ communities are standing together as one to unify against violence and discrimination – the kind that still happens frequently in South African communities.

And even though South African’s technically celebrate in Feb/March, this is the perfect excuse to do it all over again. We’re all part of the global community anyway!

So, June is a time to celebrate equality, diversity and the right to dignity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in our beautiful country, and all over the world. We support the movement and are behind the ‘love is love’ mantra!


LGBTQ+ couples are regular customers here at Désir, many of them on and off the gender binary preferring the non-realistic sex toys that we get in from the best brands abroad.

For couples that want to enjoy all the benefits of sexual exploration, but with none of the imposing anatomy, these toys are a priceless addition to your cabinet of delights this June.

The Best Non-Realistic Sex Toys of 2017

It’s been an amazing year for designer sex toys, with new ranges and technologies being launched by every major sex toy brand. Of course, that doesn’t mean the classics have become any less popular!

Non-realistic toys for bedroom play can make a lot of difference in your sexual relationship. For one, they are easier and less embarrassing to talk about and reveal because they are far better looking than the realistic dildos that were common several years ago.

They are also non-threatening, and gender neutral – which is great for lesbian and trans couples that may be put off by the idea of a phallic sex toy, but would still like a penetrative option for play.

So here they are, our top 5 non-realistic sex toy picks!

Je Joue Pleasure Kit

#1: The Je Joue Ooh Pleasure Kit

Diversity and unconventional coupling is the name of the game, with this gorgeous set for heterosexual and queer couples. As far as non-realistic sex toys go, the Je Joue Ooh is aesthetically attractive, functional and will inspire you to try new things.

The pack comes with a smooth vibrating silicone wand, and a vibrating cock ring – and has been nicknamed the ‘what happens in Vegas’ set.

Bend over beginners strap on

#2: Bend Over Beginner’s Strap On Kit by Tantus

Lesbian couples will love this beginner’s strap on set by Tantus – it’s value for money and is far better looking than 90% of the harnesses on the market right now. The harness itself is decked out in velvet purple, and it comes with matching premium silicone non-realistic dildos in two different sizes.

Made from high quality materials, these items are machine washable and easy to maintain. Grab yours for a comfortable fit that secures the dong to your body!


#3: Go Torque Ice Male Masturbator from Fleshlight

The Go Torque makes the list for gay couples looking for a toy that can be used in foreplay or as an additional during sex. The best part about this toy is that it’s completely transparent, and looks like ice crystals, which makes it beautiful.

These non-realistic sex toys don’t look anything like the female anatomy, and they’re small enough for travel, while never losing their silky softness if kept clean.


#4: The Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo with Internal Balls

Every queer couple needs a pink dildo with a difference, which is why this Bouncer dildo is one of our favourites. Made from soft pink silicone, the dong has internal balls that move with your body as it is used for additional stimulation and sensation.

Non-realistic sex toys like this one are a collectible staple, and can be used with or without a harness. The LGBTQ+ community loves this velvety smooth toy.


#5: Glass Vibrations Purple Love Dildo

A must-mention are our new designer glass dildos by Glass Vibrations – these dual ended wonders are the perfect collectible for LGBTQ+ couples looking to get into temperature play.

Best of all the glass is beautiful, easy to clean and tapers extremely well for added pleasure during all sorts of stimulation. These non-realistic sex toys will last you a lifetime.

Couples Toys and The Future of Design

Over the last few years we’ve noticed not only the shape and materials of our sex toys changing, but the look and feel of them too. Bright colours, fun textures and bold designs have been coupled with functionality to create a whole new era of non-realistic sex toys.

The next time you wonder: ‘Where can I buy non-realistic dildos?’ or any anatomically discreet sex toys for that matter, now you’ll have a place to start from!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 5 pick this year, and would love to hear your opinions on whether these are what you would have picked from our extensive range.

Which non-realistic sex toy is your favourite this year?

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