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The Complete List of SA Clinical Sexologists Revealed

Clinical sexologists exist to help people understand and accept themselves as sexual individuals. In this post you’ll find out how valuable this is and who in SA offers these important services.

Where does a person go when they feel sexually different or when they can’t accept their sexual tastes and feelings? Sex therapists have been dealing with these issues for many decades, and they are even more complicated now that internet culture has brought many previously buried labels into mainstream prominence. One thing is for sure, these therapists are in ever-increasing demand.

In South Africa many of these sexologists are leading the charge on social platforms and in the media. It is becoming evident that people want to better understand themselves inside the bedroom, and how they relate to others in a sexual context.

In this great list post, we look at the local clinical sexologists that can help improve the sex lives of people in SA, along with some background details on what they can do for you.

Sexology South Africa: How Sex Therapists Change Lives

There are many misconceptions about what sex therapists do for people, but this important work saves relationships and lives. According to Dr Stephen de Wit, sexology is the study of people’s sexual behaviours, feelings and interactions.

Clinical sexologists study and treat people in this interdisciplinary field, which covers a large range of extended fields like sociology, psychology, biology and medicine. The best sexologists in South Africa are highly educated, with many years of one-on-one clinical work with a variety of patients.

Sex therapists help people in a number of ways:

  • Understand and accept their sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Work through sexual issues and dysfunctions
  • Overcome past sexual mistreatment, abuse and trauma
  • Function healthily in the context of a sexual relationship

Think of these top-rated clinical sexologists as the people that can help you explore, evaluate, investigate, learn, accept or change things about sex that might be hurting you.

Without further ado, here are the finest sexologists in SA.

South Africa’s Best Sex Therapists

Catriona Boffard

Accredited Clinical Sexologist

Website: https://catrionaboffard.com/
Email:  catriona.boffard[at]gmail.com

Catriona is an accredited clinical sexologist, integrative psychotherapist, sexuality researcher & educator and author. She has delivered her expertise on TV, radio, print, corporate and public platforms and is a globally recognised voice in the field of sex and relationships. Catriona is an expert in the field of sexual behaviour, relationships and well-being, with a particular interest in helping people create or reestablish sexual intimacy and empowering women to embrace their sexuality. She works from a biopsychosocial perspective; assessing and treating clients through an integrative approach which explores the physiological, psychological and social factors behind their concerns.

Leandie Buys

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Website: http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/
Email: info[at]leandiebuys.co.za

Over the past ten years, Leandie Buys has built a thriving practice as a successful relationship therapist and clinical sexologist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Leandie is a qualified Registered Counsellor with a Master’s Degree in Sexual Health from the University of Sydney. Her latest qualification as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist makes her one of only three qualified Sex Addiction Therapist in South Africa. She is now a specialist in treating chronically problematic sexual behaviours such as recurring infidelity, watching excessive online pornography, repeated patronage of commercialized sex services and other secretive or poorly controlled sexual behaviours that compromise personal values and interfere with a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

Dr Elmari Mulder Craig


Website: http://elmaricraig.co.za/
Email: elmari[at]elmaricraig.co.za

Dr Elmari Mulder Craig is President and Director of The Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA) and Scientific Advisory Board Member of The African Society for Sexual Medicine (ASSM). Elmari has been in private practice for more than twenty years and is a well-known sexologist, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, couple’s therapist, public speaker and published author and is considered a specialist in the field of relationship therapy and sexology. Elmari regularly contributes to different publications in the popular media relating to Sexual Health and often appears on television and radio as an expert in her field. She has written two books and contributed to 24 other books over the years.

Jason Ross


Website: http://www.untwisted.co.za/
Email: jason.ross[at]mweb.co.za

Jason Ross presently serves as the Chairperson of the KZN branch of SASHA. He has a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, specializing in post-modern approaches to sexual health and relationships concerns. Mr Ross practices out of Durban North and has lectured on a variety of sexual health topics including sex addiction, sexuality following illness and injury, and couples therapy. He has lectured for the SA College of Applied Psychology and supervised post-graduate students for the Durban Branch of MGI.

Dr. Elna Rudolph

Clinical Sexologist

Website: http://mysexualhealth.co.za/ & http://drelnarudolph.com/
Email: info[at]mysexualhealth.co.za

Clinical Head of My Sexual Health, Director and Executive Board member of SASHA as well as Member of the Advisory Committee for the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) Dr Rudolph is a qualified medical doctor with a Master’s Degree in sexual health from the University of Sydney as well as Fellowship in Sexual Medicine. She runs a team of qualified sexual health specialists and has practices in Cape Town, Pretoria and JHB.

Delene van Dyk

Sexuality Educator

Website: http://www.2ndsight.co.za/
Email: delene[at]2ndsight.co.za

Delene is a psychosexual educator and nurse therapist, well known internationally for her work in the field of sexual and gender diversity. She assists individuals, families, communities and professionals to understand the complexity of human sexuality and gender identity and expression. She is an executive board member of SASHA, and actively involved in various international SRHR organisations and activities. She is part of the private practice, My Sexual Health, practising in both Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Dr. Anthony C. Smith

Clinical Sexologist

Website: http://www.dranthonysmith.co.za/
Number: 021 4347755

One of Cape Town’s finest clinical sexologists and a qualified medical doctor, Dr Smith practices in Sea Point, is a Vice Chairperson in SASHA and is an expert in sexual health and wellness.

Jillian Butterworth

Clinical Psychologist

Website: http://www.jillpsychologist.co.za/
Email: info[at]jillpsychologist.co.za

A clinical psychologist and chairperson of SASHA WC, Jillian Butterworth focuses on treating cases of sexual violence (both victims and perpetrators) and is a research affiliate at the Gender, Health and Justice Research unit at UCT, practising out of Cape Town.

Dr Marelize Swart

Psychologist & Sexologist

Website: http://www.femalethoughts.com/
Email: info[at]drmswart.co.za

Dr Swart is a registered psychologist and a board certified sex therapist with advanced training in sexual health from the USA and Canada. She is the expert sexologist for Health24’ expert forum and DRUM magazine. Dr Swart practices in Somerset West and Cape Town.

Christa Coetzee

Psychologist & Sexologist

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Christa.Coetzee.Sex.Psychologist/
Email: christacoetzee[@]gmail.com

Christa Coetzee is a practicing Psychologist and Sexologist that completed her masters’ degree in Educational Psychology; her pre-graduate studies in Social Work and is an accredited EFS/ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS). She is currently in private practice (since 1997) in Pretoria and often engages in public speaking activities covering sexual health concern topics.

Christa has been elected and operational as part of the national board of the Southern African Sexual Health Association and has been involved with the organization form shortly after it conception – She is a Past President and currently still a member. Her involvement with SASHA and private practice has exposed and equipped her to work in the field of sexual health on a wide variety of aspects regarding sexual health – the impact on the individual; in relationships; families and in the society.

Christa often contributes to commercial magazines in her professional capacity, covering articles with regards to sexual health.

Dr Eugéne Viljoen

Clinical Psychologist & Sexologist

LinkedIn: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/eugene-viljoen/1a/999/19
Email: drviljoen[@]mweb.co.za

Eugene has been in private practice since 1992. He is registered with the HPCSA as a Clinical Psychologist. He trained as a Clinical Psychologist and finished his internship at 1Military Hospital where a special interest developed in sexual rehabilitation of war veterans. This period was followed with a short sponsored internship at the Masters and Johnson Institute (Sexual Health) in St Louis, Missouri, USA. A Doctoral programme followed. Apart from the clinical work done, he is the President of the Southern Africa Sexual Health Association (SASHA), served on the advisory boards of Pfizer & Bayer Pharmaceutical companies, and previously on the scientific advisory board of the World Association for Sexology.

He also acted as the secretary for the African Federation for Sexual Health and Sexual Rights for 4 years. A number of international invitations followed as a lecturer in Sexology in Italy, Tunis, Canada, Cuba, Kenya and South Africa. Eugene was certified after completing all the requirements and examination, as a Sexologist through the Academic Board of the European Federation of Sexology and the European Society for Sexual Medicine in 2014.

Where can I find clinical sexologists in SA? Refer your friends and family to this comprehensive list of the best sex therapists in South Africa, courtesy of Désir. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and these extraordinary individuals will guide you on a path to greater sexual health & wellness.

Reach out to one of these amazing clinical sexologists, and heal the sexual wounds that are keeping you from living a life of outstanding, passionate sex with a loving partner!

Need more great sexual health resources?

Are you a clinical sexologist and want to be added to the list? Leave us a comment below and we’ll see about adding you here!

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