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How To Quickly Choose Vibrators You Will Adore

Vibrators come in a vast array of brands, power-levels, colours, shapes and sizes. This post will help you choose your perfect toy, so that you save time, money and make the right decision.

A vibrating adult toy has long been called a girl’s best friend, even though men not-so-secretly love them too!

There is a toy out there with your name on it, one that will hit you with waves of pleasure in all the right places. It’s about buying smart, and buying to your personal tastes.

While male vibrators are rapidly growing in popularity, female vibrators are still easily the most popular sex toys around. Choosing one that you will end up adoring comes down to what turns you on, how adventurous you are and what sort of orgasms you’d like to experience.

It’s just not true that any old vibrator will do – far from it! Everything from the curve of the wand, to the types of synthetic material used can impact the feel of the toy. You have a lot to learn.

This guide is about converting you into a connoisseur that appreciates the finest vibrators in life.

Why a Vibrator is an Important Part of Life

What could be better than a dildo? A vibrating one of course!

Vibrators have been around since before motors were even invented. Since the 1800’s, pulsating devices were used in medicine to provide women with ‘emotional relief’ when they became hysterical.

According to blogger Maya Dangerfield of Greatist.com, the first vibrator was a mechanical, steam-powered wonder made in 1869 – one of the earliest sex machines ever created.

It went from medical device to indecent porn device the moment it began appearing on film in adult movies.

The perception persists today, even though the medical benefits are still intact. Cassie Becker,a blogger for Golden Gate Xpress, believes that everyone should own a vibrator, and we quite agree. She cites some pretty powerful reasons for this, and they are:

  • Great vibrators boost your sexual confidence
  • They help women have easier, stronger orgasms
  • They increase desire, arousal and lubrication in women
  • In men they improve erectile function, sexual satisfaction and orgasmic strength

One thing is clear, these devices were originally created to reduce ‘hysteria’ in women – promote floods of endorphins, and provide users with many health benefits. Female vibrators have even been known to help women who struggle to orgasm at all, finally achieve that goal.

Instant improvement in sexual function, happiness, connection and orgasm strength? Yes please!

 Why a Vibrator is an Important Part of Life

Different Kinds of Vibrator: How They Work

In the old days, all popular vibrators looked similar – they were phallic-shaped and exclusively made as sex toys for women. But these days lots of toys vibrate and are considered to be in the vibrator family.

In order to quickly choose one that you will end up loving, you have to know the various types that are available to you. Here are the main types of vibrating sex toy.


The traditional vibrator is shaped like a penis or a probe and comes in many different varieties, strengths, sizes and aesthetics. But not all vibrators are penis shaped! Here is a rundown of the kinds you will find in this niche.

  • The Classic Vibrator: Nothing fancy, just a long vibrating phallic shape that either curves slightly or is 100% smooth with no curves at all.
  • The Rabbit Vibrator: With a flickering set of rabbit ears to go along with the phallic part, these were popularised by the show ‘Sex and The City,’ and remain a global favourite.
  • Bullets: Bullet vibrators are small, discreet and great for personal or couples play. They are also popular for travelling.
  • The Double Ended Vibrator: A vibrator made for insertion into more than one place, whether it’s in you or during couple’s play.
  • The G-Spot Vibrator: Made with an upward curve at the end to hit your g-spot hard, these ensure the most pleasure possible when using the toy.
  • The Finger Vibrator: Vibrators that are made to fit your fingers are great for control, and come with a textured sleeve that holds the tiny bullet vibe in place.
  • The Wand Massager: Characterised by the nob at the top of the massager, these toys were originally made for body massaging and curing neck aches and pains, but because of their powerful motors are now sold as sex toys too.
  • The Realistic Penis Vibrator: A vibrator that looks just like the real deal, only with electronic stimulation to make it even better. This is your typical dong with a motor in it.
  • Rechargeable and Remote Controlled: Modern technology has changed the shape and control mechanisms involved with luxury vibrators, which means that these come with their own apps, cameras, external remotes and battery-free rechargeable packs.
  • Vibrating Penis Rings: Cock rings can vibrate too, and these are slipped snugly around the penis. They are usable during sex or on their own as a solo accompaniment.
  • The StrapOn Vibrator: A vibrator with a base that fits into a harness, so that you can enjoy sexual encounters with maximum control. Great for anal play and pegging.
  • The Vibrating Egg: Egg vibrators are small and easily inserted into the vagina. These often come with remote controls and various vibration settings.
  • Prostate or Anal Vibrator: A prostate vibrator can be a wand or it can be shaped more like a g-spot vibrator with an upward curve to hit the male g-spot. These anal sex toys are among the most popular for men.
  • The Clitoral Vibrator: These are specifically for external stimulation of the clitoris, for better solo play or foreplay with your significant other.

Rabbit vibrators are out finger vibrators are in

The Vibrating Truth: When Size and Strength Matters

When you are just starting out with different vibrators, it’s important to understand that too much too quickly can have a negative impact on your sex life. Always be aware of the size you are buying and how powerful the motor can be.

According to Domina Doll from Blogher.com, you should always test the strength of your vibrator on the tip of your nose, which has similar sensitivity to your clitoris.

If a vibrator’s motor is too strong it will overstimulate you, which has a numbing effect – then sex isn’t going to feel great after couple’s play. Older women generally need stronger motors than younger women, and some women need only the mildest of tickling pulses.

Matching Your Vibrating Toy To Your Favourite Plays

Once you have a good idea of which vibrator most appeals to you from the large variety out there, and you have taken the time to investigate the specifications (including power and size), you can start thinking about use.

For example, a luxury vibrating strap on is a great decision if you are buying a toy for BDSM and anal play for him. The strap on vibrator can be removed from the harness and used as a powerful wand vibrator when you’re not feeling so energetic.

  • Identify your fetish and how your vibrator will impact your plays
  • Think about who will be using the toy most often
  • If you plan on sharing it, a g-spot vibrator is best (just use a condom on the toy for hygiene)
  • If you want couple’s pleasure consider a double ended vibrator
Woman Testing Rabbit Vibrators Strength

What Should You Spend On a Good Vibrator?

Finally, whatever fun vibrators you choose you need to know your budget. Cheap toys break quickly, are not waterproof and often contain toxic, harmful chemicals. The more expensive your vibrating toys are, the better they will feel function and perform.

That said, budget according to your experience level:

  • Beginner: R0 – R800.00 to find the shape and power you prefer.
  • Intermediate: R800 – R2000.00 for quality, durability and feel.
  • Enthusiast: R2000 – R4000.00+ for the best experience on the market.

With these great tips, you are guaranteed to find your favourite style of vibrator. Once you have tried out a few basic models, you will be able to quickly choose the most suitable vibrators for your collection. With so many different options available, you are primed for an amazing journey.

So, if you want to know “Which vibrating sex toy should I buy?” Consider these factors: the benefits of your chosen vibrator, the various styles available and what you want to use them for, the budget you need to stick to, your experience level and matching your toy with your favourite sexy plays.

Now get out there and find your vibrating companion!

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it helpful. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! What problems do you face when choosing new vibrating sex toys? Is there something about certain vibrators that you strongly dislike? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or your can leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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