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How to Create Ultimate Romance With A Sex Shop

A modern sex shop is really any store, on or offline, where adult entertainment items are sold. Traditionally, romance had nothing to do with these seedy places – but that has changed.

We are living in a golden age of sexual exploration and acceptance, thanks to the internet. Because of the spread of information and education, adult shops are no longer dark, dodgy locations where smutty sex is glorified above love, romance and mutual bonding in secure, loving relationships.

These days, a good sex shop will stock some of the most romantic items you can buy. In this post, we investigate how to create that desired romance, with the help of your local adult retailer.


Is The Sexual Passion In Your Relationship Fading?

According to Dr Ogi Ogas of Psychology Today, the most common sexual concern in marriage and long term relationships is that sexual passion fades.

And the main reason that this happens is familiarity. Our brains like novelty and new experiences, because it keeps the romance alive and your libido in overdrive.

It makes sense then that investing some serious effort into your sex life can reignite the lost flames of passion in your relationship – jump starting romantic exploration on all frontiers. Your favourite sex shop is a major asset in this process, because nothing helps you reconnect like sex does!


How Intimate Romance Can Cure a Dead Bedroom

Having a ‘dead bedroom’ is the modern term for when a couple just isn’t having sex anymore – due to any number of reasons. At the root of these reasons is the cause, a lack of creativity and ever-present boredom that sneaks between the sheets.

The great news is that the affliction is curable with a little imagination. Romantic love grows when newness, excitement, arousal and mystery are reintroduced in the bedroom.

Psychcentral have said that ‘new activities’ lead to a rise in passion, which mimics the early days of a relationship. Remember how fun those days were?

If you want what you once had, then it’s time to set the mood!
Your local sex shop has the goods.

Curing DB: Ultimate Romance In 7 Steps

Quality sex toys from your online retailer or brick and mortar store are not the only items you can buy at an adult shop. On offer is also a wide array of sexual accompaniments, essentials and extras.


Step 1: Dress The Bed

The first thing you will want to revamp is your bed, because this is where the magic happens. It’s easy to convert a bed into a platform built for romance when linens like satin are involved.

You and your significant other need to engage the five senses – especially touch. Sexy bed linens made from satin and other soft materials can dramatically increase arousal.

  • Get some sensual pillow cases here.
  • Find your ideal duvet covers here.
  • Discover the perfect bed sheets here.

Find a set of sheets and covers from a reputable sex shop to convert your drab, everyday sleeping place into a silky podium of passion. Be careful to remove the satin once you are finished to keep the experience special!

Step 2: Use Rose Petals For Impact

Rose petals immediately engage the pituitary gland, which causes hormones to go crazy. Delicious smells scenting the air are an important part of setting up a romantic experience for your lover.

You can buy large bags of synthetic rose petals from an online sex shop and have them delivered to your door in less than 72 hours – you don’t even need to leave your house. Placing these in your room a few hours before hand will allow the smell to fill the air.

Step 3: Indulge in The Right Flavours

You have taken care of your bed, and factored smell and touch into your romantic seduction. Now you need to include flavour in the experience.

There are many exquisite sex toys that play with taste, which means that you will definitely find one that appeals to you.

  • Find edible body paint from Shunga in a variety of flavours here.
  • Get some edible aphrodisiac oils here.
  • Surprise them with a pair of sexy edible underwear made from candy here.

Decide on the flavours you want to include by browsing through your luxury sex shop to investigate the ‘edibles’ section. Few things are as romantic as nibbling something off the person you love.

Step 4: Embrace a New, Sexy Look

Whether you are a man or a woman, the sexier you feel the better your performance will be in the bedroom. Once you have dressed the bed and prepared some tasty edibles to delight your lover, why not make yourself look just as tasty?

The easiest way to do this is to buy a devastatingly sexy item of lingerie from your chosen sex shop, or to accent your naked body with decorations like nipple tassels or pasties.

Studies show that men are especially aroused by visual cues, which excites them psychologically and physically the moment they are exposed to something appealing.

Experts have argued that the reason men become aroused a lot more than women, is because they are so visual. In other words, a new outfit equals renewed excitement! Novelty is something a quality sex shop has in abundance, take advantage of it.

Step 5: Romance is About Lighting

The first thing a lot of people think of when you say the word romance, are flickering candles. Not only does your partner look more attractive in low light, the warmth from the flames inspires closeness and sensuality.

There is something carnal and eternal in bedroom candlelight.

Instead of stopping by the grocery store to pick up some regular candles, grab some that will get your romantic experience off to a good start.

Massage candles from your regular sex shop can be lit and used for light, until the wax has warmed and melted into an irresistible massage oil.

Step 6: Put on Some Romantic Music

The latest study commissioned by Spotify and conducted by Dr Daniel Mullensiefen of the University of London, has proven that certain types of music can be more sexually arousing than foreplay or sex itself.

Rhythm is the key to unlocking the perfect playlist for sex and romance! It explains why romantic music is mood setting and arousing, using rhythm to express and communicate emotion. Time to get working on that new playlist – science says it’s worth it.

Step 7: Sex Toy Essentials That Enhance and Delight

A big part of romance is encouraging desire in your significant other. So far you have focused on the five senses – taste, touch, smell, vision and hearing to set the tone.

Now all that remains is for you to make sure that you can hold the attention of your lover to create extreme & pleasurable arousal.

Your luxury sex shop will sell a range of stimulating creams, gels and lubricants – all meant to amplify the sensations you create in your lover. This is an essential to heighten your ‘touch’ romance and solidify that missing bond and interaction you have been craving.

  • View our range of stimulants here.

Creating an Incredible Romantic Experience

New sexual experiences are based on your ability to arouse the senses. Once you and your lover’s senses are stimulated, you can incorporate any number of techniques that you know to progress an innocent feeling of arousal into a full blown night of passion.

If you need help with foreplay, then there are a number of sex toys you can get for the occasion. Luckily, all of these products can be found at your local sex shop.

If you are busy at work, but need to commit more time to your relationship, you can always order online and have these items delivered to your door.

Imagine the look on your lovers face when they are surprised with a slow, romantic night of reconnection and expression. Many couples struggle with a stale sex life that eventually leaves them both unmotivated and underappreciated.

Building Romance By Focusing on Sexual Desire

It’s true that many sex toy shops have been given a bad rap because of old stigmas. Who doesn’t remember those warehouse-like Adult World shops that were situated behind black curtains obscuring all sorts of lurid and tacky toys and porn paraphernalia?

If you wanted to go in there, you had to wear a hat and sunglasses it was so embarrassing! Definitely not any couple’s idea of romance. The next time you crave romance and wonder ‘where can I find an adult toy sex shop?’ remember that Désir is just a click away.

With the rise of e-commerce locations like our online sex shop, and the ushering in of a new era of luxury toys and respectable ways to receive a discreet order – nothing is stopping you from building these outstanding romantic experiences into your life.

It’s time to save your relationship and cure your dead bedroom. We’re here for you!

To learn more about how to shop, adult toys selection and choosing the right toy click here, or check out how to revive your sex life with a toy shop for adults here.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it helpful. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! What is your idea of the most romantic sexual experience possible, using any or all of the products mentioned here? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or your can leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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