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How To Choose The Best Dildos For Euphoric Sex

Dildos and dongs are famous for being the oldest and most loved sex toys of all time. In this post we will unpack how you can choose your ideal dildo for mind-shattering sexual experiences.

Have you ever popped into an adult toy store and skated around the edges, trying hard not to look like you are staring directly at the vast dildo range that you are very obviously looking at? Maybe this has caused you to casually lunge for a reasonable dong, just so you can buy it and leave.

Those kinds of experiences are horrible, and frankly – embarrassing. But the worst part is getting home and realizing that your hastily purchased dildo is hard, poor quality or lacking in some fundamental way. You should have looked closer at that realistic dildo range!

Thank goodness for online stores, right? We have made it easier for you. Now all you have to do is understand the product ranges, your options and which items would be the best bang for your buck.

All puns aside, this post will help you identify and consider the right dildos for your next purchase.

Shop For Dildos Online
Couples Happily Shops For Dildos Online

The History of Dildos: Ancient Secrets

Dildos have played their part in human sexual history since the Palaeolithic era, when stone dongs were all the rage.

The oldest known dildo is actually a siltstone 20 centimetre long phallus that was made 30,000 years ago. Initially, dongs were made of stone, wood, glass and even breadsticks! People have loved fake penises for a very long time.

The only rival to the dildo is the vibrator, which is just a revved up form of the original. For many years people believed that these were exclusively sex toys for women but the latest statistical data has proven this wrong.

According to Lovehoney.co.uk, one of the world’s largest sex toy retailers, men are buying dildos at higher rates than women. Whether this is for couple’s play or solo exploration is unclear. What is obvious though, is that men like to play with these toys too.

We can make an educated guess and attribute the rise in sales to the fact that the realistic dildo has been joined by a huge range of non-realistic toys that men do not find as threatening, strange or abnormal to use.

Dildos & Vibrators
A Collection of Dildos & Vibrators

The Main Types of Dildo: What You Need To Know

There are many different types of dildo available on the market, and they still cause confusion among shoppers. If you are ever going to reach the point where you can have euphoric sex with your dildos, either alone or with a partner, you need to know these subtle differences.

First thing’s first – the difference between a dildo and a dong! They are not the same thing, despite what a lot of people say online. Here’s the truth:

  • A dildo is fairly realistic looking, and emulates the appearance of a penis. These toys often come with a full set of balls to go along with the phallic shaft. They can be any colour, and are much loved by women and homosexual men.
  • A dong is a less realistic, probe-like sex toy that is phallic shaped without the special features to make it look real. They don’t have any balls attached, can be any colour and are preferred by heterosexual men and lesbian women who prefer dildos without balls.

For a quick rundown you can also check out Annemarie Rodda’s video here.

Types of Dildos To Choose From

  • Smooth Classic Dildo: Your basic dildo is in the general shape of a penis without any frills. These can come with a suction cup or without for hands-free play.
  • P-Spot/G-Spot Dildo: These are curved to better hit either the g-spot or the p-spot for the person using it. The greater the curve, the more pleasure could potentially result from the toy.
  • Strap On Dildos: A dildo made with a flared base to fit a harness for hands-free action. Keep in mind that some suction cups are bulky and do not fit harnesses well, even though the sex toy will say ‘harness compatible.’
  • Anal Dildo: These come with special handles attached at the end and can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation. Mostly, they are used for anal play – the handle providing protection against toy loss in place of a base.
  • Double Ended Dildo: A long dildo that has two heads instead of one for couple’s play. These can also be curved and adjustable for anal and vaginal play simultaneously.
  • The Vibrating Dildo: Vibrators do come in dildo-form, so they cross into both niches. These vibrating dildos are realistic and vibrate, pulse or mechanically rotate for added pleasure.

If it exists as a dildo, you can bet that it will exist as a dong. All of these subtypes come in non-realistic dong form – especially in the luxury toys niche. Review each type of dildo and match it with your intended use.

Travel Sized Dildoes & Single Dildos
Travel sized dildoes and single dildos

Dildo Sizes: The Nitty Gritty of Length and Girth

Once you have narrowed in on what you will be using your dildo for, the next thing to think about is size. While everyone is different, it’s important to recognize that overly large dildos can impact your sex life as a woman, especially if your significant other is much smaller than your chosen companion.

According to Carrie Weisman who cites author Carol Queen’s notorious guide ‘The Sex & Pleasure Book,’ size is the single most important element when selecting a dildo.

If your chosen dong is too small, then it won’t give you the pleasure you’re looking for. If it’s too big it’s going to stretch important areas and be too uncomfortable to use. If you want to use bigger dildos, then consider adding kegel exercises to your daily regimen.

  • An average sized dildo is about 17-18cm long and 3-3.5cm in diameter. This is the most popular size sold to the most people in the world. Consider the insertable length of the dildo in relation to the overall size.

What Should Your Dildo Be Made Out Of? Materials To Think About

Our range of dildos and dongs are made from a large variety of materials that are all 100% body safe. If you are going to shop elsewhere, then remember that other types of materials may be harmful to your health. Always check on this before buying.

  • Silicone is the best material for a dildo because it is non-porous, hygienic and flexible enough to be comfortable on insertion. Better still, it quickly warms up to body temperature so the initial discomfort is quickly replaced with feelings of pleasure.
  • Jelly and rubber dildos are comfortable but pose potential health risks. Always use them with condoms and wash them thoroughly after use to keep them clean.
  • A glass dildo is much harder, but can be heated or cooled for extra sensory pleasure. These are popular because they are among the most durable and hygienic of all toy materials.
  • Steel or metal dildos are usually top of the range, beautiful and they last forever. They are very hard though, but they respond incredibly well to temperature changes.

For more on dildo materials, check out this great guide from DiscreetSensuality.com here.

Couple Uses Dildoes For Greater Intimacy
Couple uses dildoes for greater intimacy during foreplay

What Should I Spend on a Good Dildo?

Your budget always plays an important role in your decision on which toy to buy. We always remind our customers that spending a little more usually pays off for toys that are going to be used in erotic play. A luxury finish results in a much better experience overall, and your toy lasts longer.

You can instantly see if a toy, especially a dildo, is made cheaply. Hard plastics, leaching materials and weird smells are the main reasons to avoid them.

Here is what you should be spending on a good dildo:

Beginners: R300.00-R600.00 for your entry level, no frills dildo.
Intermediate: R600.00-R1000.00 for a premium dildo that feels great.
Advanced: R1000.00+ for the best luxury products available in this niche.

Use these tips and tricks to choose the best dildo possible for your next euphoric sex session. The intensity of your orgasm largely depends on the dildos or dongs you choose to buy. Start small and see which kind appeals to you the most. Then build your collection!

So, “Where can I buy quality dildos in South Africa?” You can start at Désir. We have spent years researching and collecting the best luxury toys in every niche, for your sexual health and enjoyment. As an added bonus, all of our toys come individually packaged for a true personalized experience. Why not receive your new dildo or dong in style? You deserve it.

Learn more right now by reading our posts on how to choose the right dildo sex toy for fun anal play here.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it helpful. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! What do you look for in a quality dildo? Is there a preferred size or shape that you keep coming back to, or are you happy to mix it up? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or your can leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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