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How to Choose the ideal gift this festive season!

Gifting someone special over the festive season is exciting. But it can also be nerve-wracking. Gift ideas are challenging, especially for someone who already has everything. So how do you up the ante and find the perfect gift for bae? Desir has put sexy back on your Christmas list this year and we promise that you won’t be sorry.

Desir has put sexy back on your Christmas list

When looking for a romantic or sexy festive season gift, a hundred things could go horribly wrong. From cheap and nasty knock offs to a complete miss, having egg on your face is not a great look when combined with your ugly Santa jumper.  Be it a friend, or a lover, there are some smart techniques that you can use to make sure that your choice of adult toy or sexy gift is appreciated, admired, and best of all – eagerly anticipated.

Knowing which kind will impress is a vital skill.

Everything You Need To Know (And Have Never Heard) About Sexy Gifts For Christmas

The right sex toy can be the best gift you’ve ever given. People have been gifting each other suggestive presents for centuries, knowing that sex is an essential part of a happy, healthy life.

In Western culture, when someone is about to be married a bridal shower and bachelorette party will be organized. This is when you usually jump online to check out your local adult sex toy shops or gift the bride to be with sexy lingerie or naughty novelties.

It’s customary for friends and family to buy the bride a little raunchy item to make sure that their first nights of holy matrimony are especially memorable. Thanks to mainstream pop culture, friends are even getting each other sex toys for regular birthdays or for the upcoming holiday season – as the taboo reaches record lows.

Your lover also presents a unique set of concerns, namely – what are they into? How long have you known them for? What are their kinks? How far can you take things? 

Bad gift decisions can be a real mood killer.

The question becomes – how do you buy a suggestive gift when there are so many choices that can go horribly wrong?

Let’s investigate good product decision making, and how it can be pared with some good suggestions from quality adult sex toy shops.

Buying Sex-Related Gifts: Rules For Close Friends

Buying Sex-Related Gifts: Rules For Close Friends

As a general rule, only the closest of friends should ever be gifted with intimate toys like vibrators. And even then, convention dictates that the vibrator should be a non-realistic, high quality item. The only thing worse than giving someone a huge realistic penis, is giving them a cheap one.

Leslie Warming Vibrator – Svakom

Leslie Warming Vibrator - Svakom

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Insatiable Desire G Spot Mini Vibrator – Fifty Shades of Grey

Insatiable Desire G Spot Mini Vibrator

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Cookie Rotating Clitoral Vibrator – Svakom

Cookie Rotating Clitoral Vibrator

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For other friends and family it’s always a good idea to play it safe by selecting gifts from adult sex toy shops that fit into the gifts and games categories. These encourage healthy sexual exploration without being explicit, offensive or downright embarrassing.

Here are the main rules:

1 If you have doubts that they will love the gift, don’t get it.
2 It is better to suggest a sexual experience in a product than to give a blatant experience.
3 Buy the gift according to who you are getting it for, not what you like.
4 If the gift will be opened in a public space in front of people, keep that in mind.
5 Always include batteries with your gift from luxury adult sex toy shops.
6 Go for quality, but stick to a goldilocks budget – not too costly, not too cheap, just right.
7 If all else fails and you can’t decide, an erotic book is a subtle and wonderful gift.
8 Never buy friends or family fetish gifts. Ever! (Unless that’s their thing)

Impressive Gifts For Friends

Adult sex toy shops that focus on luxury like we do, have a lot of great gifts and games to set your friends and relatives on the path of sexual expression. Sometimes this can be a life-changing gift that you order from an online sex toy store.

#1: Strip Poker at Its Finest

If your friend loves poker, then the Kama Poker couple’s game will keep them occupied into the wee hours of the morning on their honeymoon. Or anytime!

Strip Poker at Its Finest

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#2: The Really Cheeky Board Game for Adults

The really cheeky board game for adults is a board game of strategy & luck and can be enjoyed by couples. Designed as a game which encourages intimacy and fun, each throw of the dice moves you around the board allowing you purchase and manage businesses with the aim of making the most profit within the adult industry.

Board Game for Adults

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Buying Sex-Related Gifts: Rules For Your Lover Only

An impressive gift for your significant other depends on a few things. That’s why in this instance you have a totally different set of rules to shop by. Keep these in mind as you browse online.

1 Only buy items you have spoken about in the past, and know they will enjoy.
2 Gift vouchers can be an intimate, fun experience for both of you if you cannot decide.
3 Getting a better quality model of a well-liked toy is a safe bet and a solid choice.
4 If you choose something extreme, accept that it may never be used, and it may be seen as a joke.
5 Only buy from the best adult sex toy shops to avoid toxic, poor quality toy materials.

If you are buying a gift around Christmas time and you want to make sure that your new double ended dildo does not get unwrapped around your mother-in-law, use specific tag symbols.

According to Molly Fitzpatrick of the Date Report blog, each gift should be marked to prevent these kinds of accidents. Private gifts can go around the tree, but should be opened in private.

Top 5 Inspiring Gifts For Your Lover

Gifts For Your Lover

If you are wondering how to choose the perfect sex toy for your partner from quality adult sex toy shops, check out our post on exactly how to do that right here.

#1: If you’re into novelty and are looking for something fun to break the ice, shop our novelty gifts here 

#2: Looking to get him some exciting solo play gear? You’ll find it here.
#3: Need to get her something special for more intimate solo play? Get it here.
#4: Why not play together with one toy made for two? Shop the best couples toy and find out why We-Vibe has been voted as the number 1 couples product in the world Get them here.
#5: Advent Calendar – without a doubt, the ideal festive season gift for couples! 24 Luxury Piece’s to enjoy over an extended period.

Naughty 24 Piece Advent Calendar

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What Makes a Gift Impressive or Not?

Buying sex toys for friends and lovers is extremely personal, so you want the gift to read as an investment – into both themselves and each other. Buying a sophisticated adult toy means buying from a trusted source, buying body-safe materials, and avoiding cheap, knock offs that pretend to be something they are not. Generally as a rule of thumb, if the product is cheap, you’ll be investing in cheap materials and motors.

You never want to hear “remember that restraints kit you got me for my hen party? It broke the first time we used it,” or “The dildo was a nice idea, but it’s leeching all sorts of stuff and I’m not putting that near my body.”

Impressive gifts tend to cover a few bases.

1) They are ethically sourced. The company you are buying from needs to have done their research as to whether or not the product is body-safe, environmentally sound, and toxin free. 

2) You need to buy from a trusted, well-known brand. Luxury brands have generally spent some time and research in engineering the most upmarket and reliable products. Award winning brands aren’t award winners for nothing. With stringent criteria like ergonomic design, bang for your buck, lux factor, run time, and reliability – brands like We-Vibe, Satisfyer, Malesation, Womanizer and the likes not only promise investment pieces that won’t disappoint but also generally come with support material and warranties that give you peace of mind. 

3) Don’t gift something that you would not be comfortable to receive yourself. If it leaves you feeling like you’re running for the door, it’s a no. Keep it sophisticated, classy, and remember it’s a gift, so it should feel like one. 

With Desir being renowned as South Africa’s most trusted Sexual Health and Wellness store, you will be spoilt for choice in finding a gift that matches the above criteria. If you are still uncertain, contact our client concierge on info@desir.co or 0860 994 160 and we will assist you in narrowing down your options. 

What Do You Think? 

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it helpful. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! If you were buying a sexy gift for a friend which items would you consider safe, acceptable and embarrassment free? You can leave us a message.

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