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How to Care For Sex Toys the Right Way!

Knowing how to care for sex toys is critical to their lifespan, and to your health and wellness! If you’re building a collection, you’ll want to make sure you’re checking these boxes.

How Do I Clean My Sex Toy?

How Do I Clean My Sex Toy?Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and caring for them means cleaning them before and after each use. And not every sex toy is cleaned the same way.

As a general rule, if it comes into contact with fluids it needs to be cleaned! That goes for toys that aren’t inserted as well. Think whips, harnesses, masks – you name it. You need to clean it. Anti-bacterial soap and warm water is usually enough to keep a toy body-safe.There are however, toys that are trickier to clean. Fleshlights for example, have a lot of ridges and folds, which makes them challenging to keep fresh and safe.

For the tougher toys we recommend:

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Sex Toy Hygiene Tips and Tricks

• Wash according to your sex toy material – read the directions!
• Many non-motorized sex toys benefit from a dishwasher steam, just leave out the soap
• Keep anti-bacterial wipes in your side drawer to give your toys a quick bath before use
• All material toys should be washed regularly or wiped down
• Vibrators, plugs, dildos and dongs should always be covered with a condom
• Allow your toys to air dry before storage or bacteria will thrive

The Dangers of Unhygienic Sex Toys!

When you know how to care for sex toys correctly, you avoid the health risks involved with unhygienic toys. These dangers are very real, especially if you share your toys with others.

Sexually transmitted diseases can pass from one person to another, on your sex toy! HPV, chlamydia and other STI’s will survive on sex toys even after thorough cleaning. That’s why using anti-bacterial cleaners on your adult toys is key, and be sure to cover them with condoms to be safe.

Tip! Quality sex toys are easier to clean, and harbour less bacteria!

How Do I Store My Sex Toys?

Now that you have your cleaning regimen down, it’s time to look at storage.

How you store your sex toys is important. A lot of toys are vulnerable to bacteria because of the materials they are made from – silicone for example, should not be exposed in a drawer.

Most toys should be stored in fabric or silk bags to protect them from bacteria. Learn how to care for sex toys by storing them properly, and they will last twice as long.

• Sex toys should be stored separately, not together
• Do not leave your toys in the store bought packages
• Avoid storing sex toys in plastic or cardboard
• Do not store sex toys in direct sunlight

Storage Tips: Keeping Your Toys Happy

Take a moment to assess your current storage process, and how it can be improved.

Every sex toy item is an individual, and should have a cover to protect it from the elements, and from bacteria growth. These bags should be washed regularly.

A drawer or cabinet for storage is a great idea. Make sure that you wipe out this space as ambient germs and dust can settle inside. You don’t want to get UTI’s or yeast infections!

Tip! Have a clean designated space for your toys, don’t just lump them in with other things.

How Long Do Sex Toys Last?

Premium quality toys like the selection we sell here can last for decades, if you care for them well. Cheaper toys should be monitored for signs of wear and tear!

If your sex toy has cuts, tears, holes or battery leakage of any kind – it’s time to throw that toy out. Bacteria thrives in toys that are damaged, and you don’t need that in your life.

At the same time if your toys ever melt, bend or fade – these are also indicators that you should stop using them and upgrade. As a rule of thumb, don’t put anything in your body that seems to be leaching, sweating, or that smells funny.

Tip! Using your toys with personal lubricants can make them last longer.

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When Should I Get a New Adult Toy?

When Should I Get a New Adult Toy?There are lots of different reasons for needing a new toy:
• You left your toy in the sun, and it melted
• Your toys were stored together and they have melted into each other
• A chemical smell is coming from your toy
• It doesn’t work like it used to, or it’s too badly damaged
• The motor has packed up

Keep in mind high quality toys wear less, and premium materials won’t melt together. If your toys are doing that, it’s a sure sign you are using toxic materials.

Find out how to choose the perfect sex toy here or

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The Sex Toy Maintenance Checklist

Great! You’re fully up to speed on how to care for sex toys correctly. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together this checklist. Run through it and see where improvements can be made!


✓ Only use premium body-safe sex toys


✓ Wash before and after, according to the sex toy materia

✓ Keep anti-bacterial wipes handy

✓ Use sex toy cleaners for a deeper clean

✓ Wash sex toy accompaniments, bags and storage spaces regularly


✓ Use condoms on sex toys

✓ Use personal lubricant


✓ Store individual toys in material or satin bags

✓ Store in a cool, dry place


✓ Check sex toys regularly for damage

✓ Throw away toys that show signs of wear and tear

By running through this list, you will maintain a clean, fresh cabinet of delights ready for use at any time! This is how to care for sex toys the right way, so that hygiene, safety and quality are upheld – and you never have to worry about the health risks of poor maintenance!

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