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Don’t Use Lubricant? Here’s Why You Should, Says Science

To use lubricant, or to not use lubricant – that is the question! If you’ve been wondering what science has to say about the benefits of using lubricating gels, keep on reading.

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In the past, lubricants were used to solve the common problem of vaginal dryness, but these days lube is used for many other sexual health reasons. If you don’t use lube, you’ve been missing out.

Here’s why you should be using lubricating gel all the time!

No More Pain During Sex, Ever Again

Sex can hurt, its true! Vaginal dryness can happen for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with sexual dysfunction. Female sexual health is quite complex, and there will be times when lube will alleviate the discomfort involved with sex, when natural lubricant isn’t available.

Pregnant women for example, often find themselves lacking because of hormones – as do post-menopausal women. You might be having a lot of sex without foreplay, in which case your body doesn’t have time to make natural lubrication.

Pain during sex can also come from being with a partner who is well-endowed, or using sex toys that are bigger than 7 or 8 inches. Lubrication helps ease the discomfort associated with size, so if your partner is uncomfortably big – it’s an easy solve when you have lube on hand.

Not having sex for a long time, women with unusual uterus shapes, or ladies who have conditions or STDs that cause tenderness in their sensitive areas, will also benefit from lubrication.

At Desir, we recommend a premium water-based lubricant from Lelo if you’re feeling luxurious, or for a more affordable, everyday option – try the Aqua Fragrance Free Water Based Intimate Lubricant from Wicked.

Sex should be sexy, not sore!  

Lubricant Makes It 50% Easier to Orgasm

According to research from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, nearly half of all users agree that lubricant makes it easier to achieve orgasm! from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, nearly half of all users agree that lubricant makes it easier to achieve orgasm

This is big news when you consider 40% of all women struggle to orgasm, and this number can be as high as 80% for penetrative sex! Plus, with 58% of SA women faking orgasms in bed, anything that will increase the likelihood of orgasm is desirable.

Lubrication tends to heighten sensitivity, which makes it easier for both men and women to orgasm. Used with sex toys, it will also increase your shot at having those explosive ‘O’ moments. With double the chance of having one or more orgasms, what’s not to love?

We suggest trying Wicked’s Flavour Based lubricant selection, with an assortment of unique flavors including, Pomegranate, Mocha Java, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Candy Apple and Cinnamon Bun.

There’s also Pjur Man, which is an extreme glide formula and will lubricate for longer – which makes it perfect for instant sex, or toy sex.

Enjoy easier orgasms with the right lubrication!

Enjoy easier orgasms with the right lubrication!

Vigorous sex can sometimes cause vaginal or anal tearing, which increases your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, even when a condom is used.

Many people these days have an STI of some kind, with the rates in South Africa on the rise. Gonorrhoea for example, is prevalent in 36-68% of people that go for treatment at SA clinics.

The good news is, that research has demonstrated that using a water-based or silicone-based lubricant, drastically reduces tearing during sex. As a result, your chances of contracting an STD during a vulnerable moment, is much less.   

So much so, that American doctors are now recommending lubricant as an effective way to reduce contraction of STDs from sex-related tearing! Using lubrication with a condom is the safest way you and your partner can have sex.

We suggest using the Wicked Jelle anal lubricant, or the popular Defense Protection Glide and Lubricant , which actively defends against HPV and yeast infections. 

Protect yourself against STDs when you use lubricating gels!

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure for Men and Women

One of the most exciting findings in the Indiana study, related to sexual pleasure when using lubrication. More than 70% of the participants said that sex felt better, and was more pleasurable when lubricant was used.

This was true for couple’s sex, anal sex, sex with toys and masturbation. Lubrication adds to the experience – and not just by making things more lubricated! Many formulas contain additional ingredients that will enhance clitoral sensitivity in women and cause arousal.

These arousal gels can really get you in the mood, and they claim to amplify the intensity of your orgasm too! Choosing the right lubricants will prolong sex, make it more pleasurable for both of you, and will result in stronger orgasms.

Not to mention the fun that can be had when you use arousal gels with your sex toys. Solo play gets a little bit more exciting when men and women use these pleasure-enhancing lubricants.

We highly recommend the Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum, which has peppermint oil and L-Arginine for knee-shaking orgasms. You should also try the FleshLube water-based lubricant for men, which was designed to be used with your favourite Fleshlight product. 

Enhance your sexual experiences with arousal gels!

Choosing Your Ideal Lubricant

Now that you know you need a lubricant, the next step is to understand which type you need. There isn’t just one, and some are better than others.

It’s clear that using lubricants is the best way to enjoy a safe and intimate experience with your partner, or with yourself! With benefits that include increased comfort, pleasure, more intense orgasms, a lower STD risk and greater intimacy overall – this is one bandwagon you need to jump on.

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