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Valentines Day 15 Sex Toys For Couples Who Want To Try New Things

Sex toys for couples are only as exciting as the play that goes with them. In this post you will discover which toys go best with different kinds of exciting bedroom games for you to play!

Mixing things up in the bedroom

Everyone falls into the trap of supporting a monotonous sexual routine, at some point in a long term relationship. Whether it’s because work has become hectic, or the kids have taken over your lives to the point where you have no free time – couples that forget to play together rarely stay together.

Mixing things up in the bedroom is a great way to close the intimacy gap that has been distancing you from each other in your relationship. After all, few things are as personal, intense and rewarding as satisfying a couple’s sex toy session infused with imagination, effort and a playful spirit.

Couples that are open to new things in the bedroom tend to find their way back to powerful levels of intimacy if the bonds are ever weakened. While there are many kinds of intimacy, sexual intimacy is by far the most effective at unifying and solidifying the bond between two lovers.

In this post we examine 15 sex toys for couples who want to embark on a voyage of sexual exploration.

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Sexual Experimentation Keeps Relationships Alive

Sexual Experimentation Keeps Relationships AliveExperimenting within your relationship is a healthy practice, especially if you have been with someone for a very long time. As life moves through its phases, people feel the need to grow and evolve sexually – and this has to be done together within the confines of love.

According to relationship expert Jordan Gray, each partner should create a sexual wish list that they work on regularly. Then, at predefined times – the couple must share their fantasies, wishes and desires with their lover, in order to feel like these are possible and can be realized.

This should always be done in a non-sexual context where open discussion is free and fair. Couples who are able to achieve this level of honest sexual communication, tend to lead happier lives and have more satisfying sexual experiences. A couple’s sex toy collection is part of their identity.

In an Australian study by Lonergan Research on Gq.com, of 1,085 people aged 18-39, 3 out of every 5 people who owned an adult toy said that they felt higher levels of intimacy with their partner when using these devices. It’s no secret – sex toys for couples deepen the bonds of love.

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Let’s take a look at 15 amazing toys and the new things that you can try together:

#1: Womanizer Golden Moments Collection – Womanizer

Womanizer Golden Moments Collection

“The Womanizer Golden Moments Collection is a limited edition collection featuring two of your favourite couples and clitoral stimulators – all in one gorgeous gift pack. Featuring the Womanizer Premium and the We-Vibe Chorus, this set features both products in a sophisticated sleek black and gold colourway. Created to celebrate the union of the two brands, this set is perfect for couples who are looking to experience simultaneous and multiple orgasms.”

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#2: Match Couples Vibrator – We-Vibe

Match Couples Vibrator - We-Vibe

The We-Vibe Match is a couples vibrator designed to be worn by her and allows for penetrative sex at the same time. Voted the best sex toys for couples, the Match is completely waterproof and whisper quiet. By inserting the flattened end inside her vagina, with the more bulbous end resting on top of the clitoral area, dual stimulation is provide to both the the clitoris and g-spot. 

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#3:Smart wand 2 Luxurious Body Massager & Vibrator (Large) – LELO

Smart wand 2 Luxurious Body Massager & Vibrator

“Lelo’s Smartwands are more than just a smart update on the traditional body massager/vibrator made famous by Hitachi. They’re ergonomically designed with a comfortably curved handle and flexible head to make them easier to hold and use. Plus, they’re rechargeable rather than mains powered, so there’s no fumbling with a clumsy cord in your way.”

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#4: Satisfyer Couples LoveRing2 – Satisfyer

Satisfyer Couples LoveRing2 - Satisfyer

“With it’s luxurious super-soft silicone material and it’s stretch and flexible design, this penis ring is a one-size-fits-most product. In a gorgeous cobalt blue colour, this ring is sophisticated and perfect for the more discerning gentleman. Subtle ridges along the ring provide you with additional stimulation, whilst the broad based vibrating head features a powerful motor offering 10 vibrational programs.”

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#5: Vector Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager – We-Vibe

Vector Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager - We-Vibe

“Designed for comfort, the Vector features an adjustable head and flexible base. With 10 vibrational modes, a remote control, and fully rechargeable this prostate and anal massager stimulates via gentle pressure and rumbly vibrations. The adjustable head ensures pinpoint precision and with it’s flexible base designed for comfort and all-over stimulation, the Vector increases your orgasmic strength and stimulation tenfold.”

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#6: Partner Multifun 1 Couples Vibrator – Satisfyer

Partner Multifun 1 Couples Vibrator - Satisfyer

“The Partner Multifun1 couples vibrator by Satisfyer is an ergonomically designed vibrator that offers you more than 14 ways to use it thanks to it’s versatile design and is perfect for men, women, and couples.
With 3 powerful engines situated in the upper main body and each in the two lower points, this vibrator ensures that the powerful vibrations are felt throughout it’s entire structure. Fun for singles and partners, you are able to use this vibrator as a perineum massager, a traditional penis ring, a g-spot massager, a clitoral stimulator, a nipple clamp, scrotum massage, all-over vulva massage and even wear it during intercourse for simultaneous orgasms.”

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#7: Luxury 6 Piece Bondage Set – EasyToys

Luxury 6 Piece Bondage Set“If you are new to the world of light bondage play, then this is the set for you. Consisting of two handcuffs, two ankle cuffs, a blindfold, and a tickler you have everything you need to become acquainted with BDSM. Designed using high quality materials for comfort and support, this set uses a combination of faux leather, foam, metal, and quick release clips to keep you safe and secure. “

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#8: Tyler Vibrating Couples Love Ring – Svakom

Tyler Vibrating Couples Penis Ring - Svakom

“The Luxury Tyler love ring, is a vibrating penis-ring designed for couples play – encouraging clitoral stimulation during penetration, and simultaneous orgasms.”

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#10: Noa Premium Ultra Soft 6 Speed Couples Massager – LELO

Noa Premium Ultra Soft 6 Speed Couples Massager - LELO“The Noa by luxury adult toy manufacturer, Lelo,  is a couples vibrator worn by women whilst making love, offering both him and her intense pleasure. Worn with the ‘tail’ inserted vaginally into her, the exterior arm rests on her clitoris providing 6 different vibrations.”

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#11: Tenderness and Passion Foreplay Collection – Shunga

Tenderness and Passion Foreplay Collection

“Shunga’s Tenderness & Passion is the ideal foreplay collection.
Indulge your senses with this luxury collection infused with aromas that heighten the senses. It includes delicious Sweet Snow Body Powder, a lightly flavoured powder that lends a subtle glow to the skin and entices your partner to taste more.”

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#12: Atom Plus Perineum Stimulating Penis Ring for Couples – Hot Octopuss

Perineum Stimulating Penis Ring

“Designed to be as intense for the partner as well as the wearer, the Atom Plus is worn around the base of the shaft and scrotum in order to provide intense perineum stimulation. The elongated ergonomically designed tip features a large contact area allowing pressure and stimulation to be delivered during penetrative sex.  Perfect for either couple or solo sex, the Atom Plus also provides a unique and heightened experience during masturbation, that leads to extremely powerful and intense orgasms.”

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#13: Nouveau Wand Massager – Rosy Gold

Nouveau Wand Massager

“The Rosy Gold Nouveau body wand massager is a sophisticated and luxuriously designed wand vibrator ideal for releasing muscular tension and for exquisite external stimulation.”

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#14: Bijoux Kissable Dark Chocolate Body Powder – Bijoux

Bijoux Kissable Dark Chocolate Body Powder“The Bijoux Kissable Body Powder in a delicious Dark Chocolate and Orange flavour is the perfect combination and full symphony of scents that come together on the body. With a fluffy applicator, simply dust the powder onto all areas of the body and enjoy the sensual exploration of each other’s body leaving you smelling and tasting sweet and sublime”

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#15: Adustable Feather Nipple Clamps – Steamy ShadesFeather Nipple Clamps

“Shunga collections are beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting and are designed to enhance your love-making and levels of intimacy. The Carnal Pleasures Collection contains five full-sized products, offering a range of deliciously scented options for your carnal adventures.In this collection set, you get all the intimate products you need to bring sexual excitement to a new level and experience the full pleasure of carnal love.”

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For our entire selection of luxury couples toys, please follow the below link:

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15 Sex toys for couplesThese 15 sex toys for couples will give you and your loved one months of fun and exploration, as you peel back the many intricate layers of your shared sexuality. As each toy inspires you to be creative, remember to always put your significant other first.

So, ‘Where can I buy couple’s adult toys in South Africa?’ Right here at Désir! We have taken great care to choose the best luxury couples toys available in the market today. You will never have to worry about toxic materials or cheap, low quality toys when you buy from us. Invest in your relationship today by building your collection of fine toys for couples play.

Sex toys for couples are extremely personal items. You should spend time reviewing your wishlists, buying toys for him and toys for her, to ensure that both of you are always 100% satisfied. That way, you will never grow apart, or lose the spark that burns between you.

Get more great couples sex toy advice with our post on how to roleplay with sexy costumes (as an alternative couple’s adult toy play) here, or find out what sexy lingerie can do for your relationship (as a clothing-based toy for an adult couple) here.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it helpful. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! Which of these 15 sex toys most appeals to you and why? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or your can leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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