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10 Beginners Sex Toys For Women That Want More

Sex toys for women can be loud, proud and well-endowed or so discreet that you stare right past them. In this post we look at 10 entry-level toys for women that want better orgasms, more often.

Owning sex toys has become a normal part of life for many South African women. You work hard, look after the kids and manage multiple relationships with friends and family all at once. And yes, you like to masturbate too. Doing it with a sex toy just makes it THAT much better.

A lot of women want more or stronger orgasms when they feel aroused than their partners could conceivably give them. Instead of feeling sexually unfulfilled, why not introduce a new sex toy in the bedroom? Women’s sex toys can be used for foreplay, solo play and even during sex itself.

Woman searching for female sex toys
Woman searching for female sex toys.

The trick is to know what kind of orgasms you like having and what kind of play you will be engaging in. The good news is that nearly all women’s toys make fantastic additions during couple’s play.

So, here are 10 beginner’s sex toys for women that will enrich your orgasmic experiences.

A Quick Look At The Female Orgasm and How It Works

According to Brown University, the physical process for orgasms in both men and women are actually pretty similar. Both genders experience rapid muscle contractions in the genital and anal areas, and throughout the rest of the body.

And it’s totally false that you as a women take longer to orgasm. Both sexes are able to physically experience orgasm in roughly the same amount of time, given the right arousal. So why do so many women struggle to orgasm? Are women’s sex toys inadequate?

Michael Castleman of Psychology Today reports that only 25% of women are consistently having orgasms during vaginal intercourse. Sex it seems, isn’t getting women any closer to more orgasms and science doesn’t have any answers.

Perhaps the problem lies in what truly sexually excites you. That’s why sex toys for women are getting better every year. While intense orgasm with a partner involves complicated emotions that can often deplete genuine sexual excitement, masturbation never does.

Here is how your orgasm works:

  • After the right amount of clitoral and/or g-spot stimulation, increasing excitement eventually blossoms into wave after wave of ecstasy, every 0.8 seconds until the climax is over.
  • Many women are able to orgasm repeatedly within a minute or two of the first orgasm – but not usually during intercourse. The only thing that gets women there often, are sex toys.

If, like many before you – you find yourself desperate for more orgasms, or orgasms that are stronger, longer and more satisfying – then you need to invest in these sex toys for women.

Female sex toys in a row
Female sex toys in a row.

3 Beginners Toys That Help With Solo Orgasms

Here is our top 3 list of the most orgasmic sex toys available for women right now. To perfect your ‘anytime orgasm’ during masturbation all you need is one of these and some alone time!

#1: The Kissing Swan Vibrator

Vibrators are famous for producing the strongest orgasms many women have ever had. The best of the lot are the rabbit or kissing swan vibrators. These stimulate your g-spot and clitoris simultaneously for hours of delight.

Get yours here.

#2: The Ella Dildo From Lelo

Dildos are excellent beginner sex toys for women, that leave the control in your capable hands. The Ella is a duel ended, waterproof g-spot massager that is the ideal size (19cm) and material (100% body safe silicone) for you.

Get yours here.

#3: The Iroha Sakura Vibrator From Tenga

Did you know that 35% of women aren’t getting the right kind of clitoral stimulation in the bedroom? End that craziness, with a brand new Iroha Sakura clitoral vibrator, which will help arouse you when nothing else will. You can even use it during sex!

Get yours here.

Female sex toys like the massage candle for arousal
Female sex toys like the massage candle for arousal.

3 Beginners Sex Toys That Help With Romantic Arousal

Sex toys for women can help revive your waning sexual interest in your partner, so that when the main show happens you are aroused and rearing to go. Too many women allow sex to get boring, bland and repetitive – which is why you lose interest in the act. You need to get romantic!

#4: The Caress By CandleLight Massage Candle By Shunga

Sensual Massage helps your partner reconnect with your body, as you get touched into a state of arousal while feeling genuine romance again. Light the Caress candle, then have the warm waxy oil poured onto your body for a deep, moisturizing massage. It smells amazing and feels intensely personal.

Get yours here.

#5: Feel It Baby Vibrating Cock Ring From Fifty Shades of Grey

If you have the foreplay down, but you struggle during the act of sex – the Feel It Baby is one of those sex toys for women that you get your man to wear. Then as you get closer and sex begins, those rolling vibrations will course through you as much as they course through him. Ecstasy!

Get yours here.

#6: The Lovebath By Shunga

The ultimate sensory experience comes in the form of a romantic love bath. Just pour the mixture into your bath water and it transforms into a luxurious jelly. Experience the wonder of a jelly massage as the new sensations of touch and smell take you to heaven. These sex toys for women are consumable, but affordable so you can always have a box handy.

Get yours here.

4 Beginners Sex Toys For Entry-Level Fetish Play

If solo orgasms and romance aren’t enough to reignite your fire, then it’s time to step into the magical world of fetish play. Trying out new fetishes with your partner, and the new sex toys for women and men that come along with it are all part of the adventure.

#7: The Za Za Zu Feather Handcuffs From Bijoux

Bondage is one fetish that has gone mainstream because women can’t get enough of it! Test the waters with these Za Za Zu handcuffs and see where changing up power dynamics takes you. These sex toys for women can be worn by men too!

Get yours here.

#8: Spanking Paddle Twitchy Palm from Fifty Shades of Grey

Sex toys for women in the bdsm niche would not be popular without a spanking paddle. This one from Fifty Shades of Grey is satin lined and padded for soft, sensory punishments. To learn how to spank your partner or be spanked by him, check out Donna Turner’s guide on the Lelo blog here.

Get yours here.

#9: Joyballs Secret From Joy Division

Ben Wa Balls can often be used as bdsm sex toys for women in submissive positions. Worn inside your vagina (while they strengthen your vaginal muscles), this goes especially well with spanking and is perfect for the beginner.

Get yours here.

#10: The Share Dildo From Fun Factory

As far as kinky sex toys for women go, you will love your first ever ‘couples’ dildo. The Share Dildo is a fun, strapless dildo where the one side is inserted into you, while the other side is used on your partner. You can use it as a handheld toy for either vaginal or anal stimulation, if using it together is a bit too much starting out.

Get yours here.

Female sex toys promote happiness in couples
Female sex toys promote happiness in couples.

Beginning on Your Path To Sexual Satisfaction

With these 10 incredible sex toys for women, you will find your way back to better, longer lasting sexual experiences that result in fulfillment and satisfaction for you as a person.

Having said that, if you are experiencing serious trouble with a real lack of orgasms in your life – perhaps this comprehensive guide by psychotherapist Christine Webber and Dr David Delvin can help you determine what the root causes may be, here.

Women are complex creatures, and scientists can’t even tell us why certain things happen or don’t happen in our bodies. That’s like answering the question, ‘Are homemade sex toys safe to use?’ Some of them are, some of them aren’t, it really depends what you are doing.

Everyone is unique, so embrace your sexuality to begin unravelling its many mysteries with these exciting toys. Take your time, and remember that it’s ultimately about finding out what turns you on, and which sex toys for women make your sexual experiences better. Your partner will appreciate that.

For more amazing sex toy guidance, find out about the 5 rules involved with strap on sex toys (women love them) here – or check out these 6 revolutionary (woman) sex toy essentials that inspire intimacy right here.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it helpful. In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you! What is your #1 reason for wanting to try a new sex toy? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or your can leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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