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The Areola reviews the IMTOY Gazelle

IMTOY recently launched their ZOO Collection and I was smitten with the design from the outset. The first one I’ve gotten my hands on through Desir is the Gazelle, a clitoral vibrator, courtesy of my friends who so generously bought it for me for my birthday. I’ve been playing with it for a few days. Here are my thoughts…

First of all, the unboxing of the Gazelle was a wonderful experience. The care taken to make the packing feel as luxurious as the product is noticeable and a welcome feature. I have to admit that I was attracted to this range initially by the beautiful graphic design, and the aesthetic is wholly there in real life, from tip to toe.

IMTOY gazelle review

“Ravenous and powerful or sweet and playful, it speaks in growls, moans, purrs and whimpers of unparalleled pleasure; its sensations are untamed and unrestrained…”

The Gazelle is made out of ‘skin-friendly silicone’ and as soon as I had it in my hands I was instantly happy because of how soft it felt. The clitoris is an extremely sensitive part of a woman’s body, so this is a key feature considering it vibrates too!

Size doesn’t really matter for this toy because of its function, but I will comment that as somebody with very small hands, it was easy for me to hold without being clumsy which was a welcome relief! It feels pretty damn perfect in that regard.

IMTOY gazelle review

“Gazelle’s adaptable head puts the power in your hands. If your clitoris is crying out for attention, the tantalizing tips of the Gazelle’s horns will build up to a sweet release certain to have you bucking for more.”

The ZOO Collection has it’s own app for smartphone users which allows you to control the 16 vibration patterns- really enough to make things interesting. You can also draw your own vibration but I haven’t experimented a lot with that as I thought that might be fun to play with a partner. More on this soon…

The smartphone connection is cool, not many of us can resist the temptation of being able to control things with our phones and I must say that I find this option rather enticing. Particularly so because there is an ‘orgasm button’ in the app that packs some serious power! (Seriously).

One thing I really admire about the Gazelle is the little horns you can pop on the top. Since the discovery that the clit isn’t just a little button hiding underneath the clitoral hood, these horny little horns do a good job of massaging inside the labia, connecting with other very sensitive erogenous bits which is most enjoyable.

One thing I haven’t been able to experience with the Gazelle (yet) is the fun to be had in the shower or the bath because of it’s being waterproof and the current drought we are facing in the Western Cape. However, I will be in London shortly and they are certainly not having a drought there!

On top of the beautiful design- ergonomic and aesthetic, tech friendly and functional components of the IMTOY Gazelle, it’s exceptionally easy to clean. An antibacterial soap and some warm water does the trick.

IMTOY gazelle review

Overall, I am exceptionally happy with this product and I can’t wait to explore more with it’s many features and to try it out with my partner in two weeks.

If you want to buy one, you’ll find it under sex toys. Or click here.

For now, I’m off to play with my new toy.


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