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10 Myths busted by the Desir Team! Your exclusive insight…

The Desir team’s top 10 things that they want you to know

Adult Toys Myths BustedWhen the team at Desir mention what they do for a living, responses range from absolute shock to absolute awe – and invariably a few questions from the more voyeuristic. So to bust some serious myths and to answer your most frequently asked questions, we’ve compiled our top 10 insights that we really, really want to put to bed 😉


Myth # 1: Yes, we have heavy breathers on the other end of the line…Sigh.

Desir Client Concierge Desir’s professional Client Concierge team are on standby to assist you in the event that you are stuck on line, or if you simply don’t know where to start. With an online live chat, you are able to have an anonymous Q & A session with our client concierge regarding your order or a specific product, or you are able to contact us via email (info@desir.co.za) or telephone on 0860 994 160.

In the event that we hear any heavy breathing of any sort, we will unfortunately negate the fact that you may be having an aneurysm and we will politely block you from contacting us again.

Myth #2: Just because we sell lingerie, does not mean we need to see your boobs to make sure we know your size.

Bra fittings take place using a size chart, and not a visual exam. For a one size fits all option that saves us the visual, please opt for something like the Flamboyant Nipple pasties  or the one size fits most body-stocking.

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Myth 3 #: No. You cannot try on the penis ring in the bathroom to make sure it fits before you buy it.

Products are kept snugly and hygienically in their boxes until you reach the privacy of your home. You buy it. You keep it.

For the best penis ring that offers a 3 in 1 size option, we suggest the Malesation Beginners  Ring set for a fool proof fitting session in the comfort of your own home.



Myth 4 # : Just because we work in a ‘sex shop’ does not mean that we all have a red room at home and test every single product on our shelves – day in and day out.

We are normal people, with normal ambitions. We are mothers, fathers, strategists, accountants, marketers and entrepreneurs. We thrive on trading patterns, turnover, sourcing of new products, accounting, customer acquisitions…it’s all very boring really. Sorry.


Myth # 5: We really, really, really, would appreciate it if you washed your return products before you send them to us.

Our client concierge loves her job. She really does. But what is not cool is having to wear latex gloves that are covered in your grizzlies after she’s processed a faulty return. Please people. Just be lekker.



Myth 6 # :We’d love to be able to tell you what your girlfriend would like. But we don’t sleep with her and nor do we want to.

When shopping for a loved one, we suggest scoping it out a bit to find out what sort of product she would be open to and where she’d like to start. We’re good at our jobs, but are not responsible for her actions in the event that the ball-gag didn’t go down so well. For a play-it-safe approach, buy her some lingerie, or better yet shop our beginners category: Sex Toys for Beginner’s

For the most desirable, but not-so-scary-looking products we recommend the Bcute Classic.

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Myth # 7: Penis selfies are a NO. We don’t need to see it to ascertain whether or not our penis pumps will give you the growth that you need.They will…..

The Hydromax range is one of the world’s most renowned hydrotherapy penis pumps available on the market. Make sure you follow our websites instructions on measuring yourself and buy the pump appropriate to your size. We believe you, we don’t need to see it as it will not be unseen. For a very long time.


Myth # 8: Everything you buy will be gorgeously gift wrapped. Because that’s what we do.

Even the R150 discounted panty. At Desir we believe in honouring yourself and let’s face it, everybody wants to feel like a million bucks. Every time. That’s our job.




Myth # 9: Yes we will absolutely deliver your parcel, discreetly, to your cattle farm.

Desir delivers anywhere across South Africa. If our couriers can get there, we will. Deliveries generally take between 1 to 2 days, but in the event that you are on an Erf in the middle of Bronkhorstspruit, please give us a little more time. We’ll get there we promise.


Myth # 10: The Womanizer is really, actually, 100% all it’s made out to be.

Buy Womanizer at Desir We love all of our brands, but this is one product that has revolutionized thousands of women’s sex life. From the women who cannot orgasm via intercourse, to inverted clitoris’, to disabled users, to the woman who just wants incredible solo play – this is the product for you. Yes, it costs a truck load, but we promise you it will be your best investment yet! View the below video, for more info on Womanizer’s PleasureAir technology.To view the full range, please click here 



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