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Fleshlights and Why Every Man Wants One

Fleshlights and Why Every Man Wants One

Fleshlights and Why Every Man Wants One

Fleshlights are taking South Africa by storm! As the latest male sex toy on the market, this sleeve-like masturbator is poised for popularity, everywhere sex toys are sold.

As the #1 male masturbation brand in the world, Fleshlight combines technology and pleasure for the ultimate in solo enjoyment. Today’s post gives you the scoop on why every man wants one of these luxury masturbation sleeves.

What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlights are masturbators for men.

Fleshlights are masturbators for men

As sex toys, they simulate the real feeling of sex – and are pretty good at it! Each adult toy is shaped like a torch, with a screw cap at the end to control tightness and pressure. Then, there are the body-safe, real-feel inserts that come in a variety of patterns.

We’re talking fake vaginas, mouths and orifices of all kinds.

5 Reasons Why Men Want Genuine Fleshlight Sex Toys

As male pleasure products go, the Fleshlight brand leads the pack.

Created by Steve Shubin, an ex-cop who wanted to save his marriage, these male masturbators have helped millions of men reap the benefits of enhanced solo play.

Here’s why every man wants one!

Reason #1: It’s The Best Way to Have Realistic Virtual Sex

If you’ve ever dreamed of having immersive virtual sex, you’re not alone. Since virtual and augmented reality has become common, men everywhere have been wondering how to integrate the two for amazing sexual experiences online.

Fleshlight already owned the market with their range of male masturbation devices

Fleshlight already owned the market with their range of male masturbation devices. It just made sense to integrate their real-feel strokers with VR technology!

The virtual sex system monitors the speed of your strokes, and creates a live experience for you with women, or men, on your screen. They respond to your movements! Just replace your everyday cap with the VStroker cap, and plug the receiver into your USB port.

Videos, web cam shows, fantasy games and stamina training have never been more engaging!

Male sex toys don’t get better than the VStroker Interactive Virtual Sex System.

Reason #2: It’s The Closest You’ll Get to Sex with a Porn Star

The Closest You’ll Get to Sex with a Porn Star

Who hasn’t had ‘the porn star fantasy’ a few times in their lives? Before Fleshlight created their incredible Fleshlight Girls range, these fantasies were strictly imagination only.

If you’re into fantasy play, and you want your shot at experiencing sex with a real-life porn star – these discreet male sex toys make it possible!

We’re talking about Fleshlight openings that have been modelled off the bodies of your favourite porn stars. Even the colour of the body-safe material is more true to life, giving you the most realistic experience ever. Our best models are the Dillon Harper and Alexis Texas male masturbators.

Pro tip! These are great when combined with the VR system!

Reason #3: It Ramps up Your Stamina and Enhances Couples Play

Men can’t get enough of their Fleshlight units

We live in a world of porn overindulgence, sex scarcity and lack of real connection. Men can’t get enough of their Fleshlight units, because they solve these issues.

Your toy will help you with developing stamina, they feel tighter than a hand does, and they can be used for couple’s foreplay.

Whether you have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation issues – or you just want to train yourself to last longer in bed with your lover – Fleshlight’s Stamina Training Units do the trick.

According to this study, men need less than 10 minutes to orgasm, while women need twice that amount. If you want your partner to enjoy sex more – make sure she’s not faking it, by enhancing your sexual endurance.

If you don’t need endurance, but you want your orgasms to feel better, how about a couple’s Fleshlight? The Quickshot Vantage will elevate your lover’s hand game so much, you’ll never go back.

Reason #4: It’s Great for Travel and Knocking One Out in the Shower

Great for Travel

Every man has places to go and things to do. Lovers are not always around, and even if they are – there’s no guarantee they’ll be in the mood. Quality masturbation sleeves will take care of you, so that you can take care of business!

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out on a weekend business trip, or flying abroad for a holiday in the sun – a classic Fleshlight like the Go Torque was built for travel discretion.

Compact and made of lighter weight materials, the Fleshlight Go series is every traveller’s perfect passenger. These pleasure products for men are the ultimate in taking care of business.

Men also love how their Fleshlights can be mounted to the shower wall! For hands free solo experiences in the shower, you don’t want to miss out on the timeless shower mount.

Mounts are great for pre or post-work stamina training, or as a convenient place to keep and clean your male sex toy.

Reason #5: It’s Way, Way Better than Using Your Hand

Way Better than Using Your Hand

The final reason why men are head over heels for their Fleshlights, comes back to the original Superskin material. Each individual sex toy has a different textured insert, for a wide variety of feelings and experiences.

The Pink Lady rangeperfectly simulates the feeling of real skin, using safe materials for your body. Men everywhere say that orgasms are stronger, longer and better all round!

It’s not uncommon to have several Fleshlight models, because each experience is so unique. And if you ever get to the point where your hand, and your pocket sleeves, are not enough for you, you can try the Vibro Vibrating Fleshlight.

To recap – men everywhere want a male masturbator, and Fleshlight is the #1 brand on the market. There’s never been a male adult toy like this that can integrate so seamlessly into your life, with VR technology, for travel, or simply to improve the way that you have sex.

If you have been looking for a toy that will elevate the way that you masturbate and perform in the bedroom, this is it. The Fleshlight brand is the easiest way to play on your own, and have an incredible time when the real thing comes along.

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