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Erectile Dysfunction: Toys and tools which can help

Erectile Dysfunction? Toys and tools which can help

Many of us working in the sexual health field will agree that one of the most common reasons for men consulting with us is related to erectile dysfunction (ED). Much has been written about the causes, possible treatment options and the psychological causes and effects on men and their partners.

My colleague Catriona Boffard deals with ED in detail here and I would recommend you take some time to read her informative and comprehensive article that covers what ED is. What to do if you suspect you have ED. What its causes may be. How it affects men and their partners emotionally; and treatment ideas.

Following this article, many men have asked about toys and devices such as penis ‘cock’ rings, vacuum pumps and other tools which can be used when it comes to the treatment of ED. In my opinion, and from my experience as a therapist working in the psychosexual space, awareness about these toys and tools is often limited and sadly not widely discussed amongst men.

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In many cases, the reason for this is that many men seem to be embarrassed to ask or may simply be unaware that these options are available to them – not only in the treatment of ED, but also to play and have fun with.

Essentially, penis or ‘cock’ rings are a metal, rubber, plastic or silicone band which fits around the base of the penis. Some rings have a part which fits around both the penis and scrotum. The aim of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow to the penis and increase the strength and duration of an erection. Because of this blood restriction, it’s really important you find a penis or cock ring that fits you properly. Too tight and the blood flow becomes too restricted, which means it will be uncomfortable to wear and could cause bruising and chafing of the skin. Too loose and the ring will not be effective and may fall off.

Treatment of ED

When choosing a ring, which can involve a little ‘trial and error’, some anxiety around choosing the right one is natural. The best advice is to measure around the base of your penis and scrotum, close to your body. Use a flexible tape measure (or a piece of string and a ruler) to get an idea of the diameter of ring you need. But remember not to measure with an erect penis.

Gently wrap the tape measure or string around the base of your penis and behind your scrotum to get the measurement of the circumference. This should be done firmly against your skin, but not too tight to squeeze the flesh into wrinkles. To figure out what diameter size ring to buy, here is a handy sizing guide:

Circumference Ring Diameter
13.0-14.5cm 40mm
14.5-16.5cm 45mm
16.5-18.0cm 50mm
18.0-19.5cm 55mm

By gaining the correct diameter measurement you will know what size ring to buy. Most rings in South Africa come in 40mm, 45mm and 50mm diameters. As a tip, perhaps start with a rubber or silicone ring before purchasing a metal one just to make sure you have the correct size for you. Rubber and silicone are far more forgiving and less likely to hurt you if the size is wrong.

Penis rings are fairly important when paired with vacuum pumps or penis pumps because the pump will help you achieve an erection. The penis ring enables you to maintain it, due to the constriction of blood flow out of the penis by the ring.

Essentially, a vacuum pump is a constriction device that a man with ED (or one who just wants to have fun) can use to achieve and maintain an erection. In addition to the clinical uses of these devices, they’re fun to play with and come in many shapes, forms and materials. Thats why it’s important to find rings and vacuum pumps that work for you.

As to whether they work in the treatment of ED – research tells us that using a combination of ED medications, ED devices or vacuum pumps along with penis rings may significantly improve the ability to reach and maintain an erection.

What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it educational! In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you. Have you ever tried a weird kink and found it quite fun? Tell us about it!

Be bold, and leave your comment below.

About Stephen Laverack

Stephen Laverack

Stephen works as a counselling psychologist in Fairland, Johannesburg specialising in individual and couple/relationship clinical counselling and psychotherapy. His special interest is sex therapy, particularly amongst men and the LGBT+ community. He has worked with sexual health and wellness issues, particularly HIV/Aids activism, treatment programme design and corporate consulting and counselling since 1993. With qualifications in a BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies with professional studies (UEL, UK) as well as MA Community-based Counselling Psychology (MACC)(Wits), Stephen has also qualified in numerous additional fields such as Sexual Pain and History, Vestibulodynia, Vaginismus, Sexual Dysfunction, Polyamory, Mindfulness and Sex Therapy as Sexuality in Disability and Disease.

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