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Dot’s Top 5 stocking filler suggestions for a sexy summer season

I like doing sexy stocking-filler suggestions every now and then, because let’s face it: Christmas time in South Africa is a sizzling hot, skin-on-skin, beach bliss, maxing and relaxing, sexy sex time, and it’s only fitting to sign off the year with a note on making the most of these holiday vibes.

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So here goes…

1. Love Dice
I am a huge fan of sex-play dice. It’s like an easy-roll Kama Sutra. However, you might have to switch it up by rolling a few times if you keep landing on the same thing. I once had five rolls of ‘bite’ and nipple’. Became less ‘ooh’ and more ‘ouch’. And not in a good way.

2. Vibrating cock ring
This is a cock ring with a small, extending vibrator attached to it: he gets the snug hold and she gets direct clitoral stim during penetration. Pick up a cheapie at your local pharmacy or for a few bucks more invest in something that will last longer and has more features.

3. Massage candle
This is one of my favourite additions to the goodie drawer. A good massage candle will be made primarily from soy wax and natural essential oils, and melt to a warm, light, gently fragranced oil. It’s the perfect two-in-one for a romantic sesh.

4. Aural sex
Download some erotica or buy a book and read sections out loud to each other. It’s a great way to practice vocalising and might spark off some ideas. For example: Make a deal to open to a random page and act out what the characters are doing.

5. A mini bullet vibrator
My favourite is the Insatiable Desire Mini G Spot Vibrator from the Fifty Shades collection. I never thought I’d promo anything from the collection, but it’s a really solid vibe, the angle is perfect, and it’s easy to clean.

Happy holidays lovers!

About Dorothy Black

Dorothy Black

Dorothy Black has worked as a journalist, columnist and media personality in the field of sex and relationships since 2008. Since then Dot has written sex and relationship features and columns for a number publications including Marie Claire, Balanced Life, MAN, Men’s Health, Grazia, The Edit and Mail and Guardian, among others; She’s written sex advice columns for Cosmopolitan, Balanced Life, Club and ClubX; She’s produced videocasts for News24 and HEAIDS; She’s headed up South Africa’s largest student sex survey in 2013; and in 2016 published her first book, The Dot Spot – Adventures in Love and Sex.

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