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These Are The World’s Most Popular Sexual Fetish Games

Your sexual fetish may be more popular than you know. In today’s media-soaked world everyone has access to everything, so those once ‘quirky’ fetishes are now more mainstream than you think!

In the crusade to discover your true sexual identity, it doesn’t help to simply know about a specific type of fetish. Instead, when you actively learn about the mysterious and often deeply misunderstood nature of a certain fetish, you can come to terms with your real feelings about it.

If you and your significant other have been struggling to find your way back to each other, or you are just searching for something to liven things up between the sheets – a solid understanding of the world’s most popular fetishes and games can help you discover something new about yourselves.

woman in fetish wear
Woman in fetish wear

Today’s post focuses on popular fetishes, fetish gear and the games people play – to give you a more candid peek into what other people are doing in the bedroom, and how normal it can all be.

The Kink, The Fetish and Human Sexuality

No-one really knows what causes some people to be aroused by certain objects, body parts, situations or materials. But in these modern times it is hard to find someone that does not have at least one kink or two. Let’s begin our investigation by defining each of these terms.

A sexual fetish can be defined as an obsessive fascination with a particular item not traditionally viewed as sexual, which causes arousal in the individual with the fetish.

A sexual kink on the other hand, involves unconventional sexual practices, fantasies or concepts. Being kinky is the term given to someone who regularly practices sexual fetishism.

The idea of the ‘abnormal’ sexual fetish came about because of the non-traditional nature of this kind of sexual attraction. Back in the day when sex was a taboo topic, kinky people were considered sexually deviant because the practice was labelled a paraphilia. Terms like sexual perversion and deviance were used negatively in psychology, and shame was nurtured around these concepts.

Of course – thanks in large part to the internet and data-centric research, as a species we have realized that fetishism and kinky behaviour is actually extremely normal and very popular. Human sexuality is far more complex than originally theorised, and we have only just begun to understand the many facets that fuel arousal and certain sexual practices.

man prepares for kink with fetish wear
Man prepares for kink with fetish wear

According to Dr Emily Morse, there is also a big difference between a fantasy and a sexual fetish. A fantasy is something you think about during sex or masturbation and may never materialize, and a fetish is something that has to be present for you to achieve a certain level of arousal.

The Most Popular Fetishes Right Now

It’s human nature to wonder about your sexuality and whether the things you like are ‘normal’ or not. Today, practices that do not cause harm or negatively impact an individual’s quality of life are considered normal. Sexual fetish practices that cause distress, ongoing problems and dysfunction are still considered abnormal, in which case treatment by of professional may be required.

Let’s explore the most popular fetishes and sex games in the world:

#1: Exhibitionism

If you are an exhibitionist you feel a strong compulsion to expose yourself to an unsuspecting stranger in a public place. This fetish is fuelled by the shock and thrill response the participants get during the act. It can take various forms, and range from mild to criminal acts.

A mild form might be a couple who loves to have sex in places where they might be caught. A malicious form of this sexual fetish is ‘flashing’ – a person, usually a man, exposes themselves to unsuspecting woman to become sexually aroused by their reaction.

According to Dr Justin Lehmiller, the practice begins in childhood, and has been linked to poor social and interpersonal skills in the extreme form.

#2: Voyeurism

Voyeurism is a type of sexual fetish that is closely related to exhibitionism, except instead of seeking the thrill of being caught or exposed, the opposite is true. People that enjoy voyeurism like to spy on people engaged in intimate behaviours, without the risk of being caught.

Pornography has evolved into a type of mainstream voyeurism because of the widespread access it gives viewers online. In its mildest form – voyeurs will be aroused by images and videos online, in more severe forms voyeurism can result in intrusive stalking, ‘peeping tom’ like behaviour.

fetish wear sometimes mean none at all
Fetish wear sometimes mean none at all

#3: BDSM

This set of sexual games breaks down into a host of subsets, and includes many different forms of the original sexual fetish known as BDSM. The term stands for ‘bondage and discipline,’ ‘dominance and submission’ and ‘sadism and masochism’ which lie at the core of this type of role play.

For years mainstream society believed that BDSM was abusive and extreme, but that is just not the case anymore. In fact, a study by Durex showed that 36% of adults in the US used couples sex toys like blindfolds, whips and other bondage-related sex essentials.

Science has also disproven the idea that people into bondage are damaged, dangerous or psycho – and evidence exists that these individuals are often happier, healthier and more stable than others.

#4: Swinging and Group Sex

Having an ‘open relationship’ is a very normal thing in today’s modern world. Increasingly you will find happily married couples who are into the swinging lifestyle. This is when a committed couple sleeps with other people openly, or engages in partner swapping. This kind of sexual fetish is a non-monogamous lifestyle practice, and is still not accepted by the general population.

#5: Feet

Also known as podophilia, having a foot fetish is one of the most common expressions of arousal in the world. According to the University of Bologna, who conducted a 5000 people strong study back in 2006, some 47% of the test group preferred feet to other body parts, making them the #1 non-genital sexual fetish around.

#6: Roleplay

If acting as someone or something else turns you on, then you must be into sexual role play. These individuals love nothing more than dressing up and acting out scenes that lead to sexual interaction. Popular choices are nurses and doctors, teacher and students, or policeman and criminal. On the extreme end this can morph into sub fetishes involving specific people, things or scenes.

#7: Water

Aquaphilia is a type of sexual fetish that is more popular than you would think. It involves sexual acts under water, swimming, showering, bathing and general images of wetness. People that get turned on by water enjoy using sex toys for men or women while in the tub or Jacuzzi, and can be aroused by the mere sound or presence of water.

#8: Sex Toys

It’s true, if you love your vibrator, bondage gear, or other toys – it’s likely that you have a sex toy fetish! People that prefer sex when specific toys are involved often get aroused at the mere idea of the item itself, which perfectly fits the description of an unusual (but common) fetish. In fact, sex toys are the number one fetish in the UK, according to a YouGov survey of 2073 adults.

nude selfies a type of fetish wear
Nude selfies a type of fetish wear

#9: Nude Selfies

If sexting and sending nude selfies to your significant other turns you on, there is a good chance that you have a selfie fetish. These intensely personal pictures can be fun foreplay, but they are also considered a risky sexual fetish, especially because of our modern sharing culture. Men and women have been horrified to discover their photos online – so beware!

#10: The Posterior Region

Second only to breasts is a widespread fetish for everything to do with the rear end. This kink exists mainly in men, but women have been found to find the buttocks area attractive too. There has been a steep rise in anal sex and the use of butt plugs, which means this is one fetish area that is more popular than people care to admit. Done right, with appropriate hygiene – butts are all the rage right now!

The Games We Play

Whether you find a certain type of material arousing, or have an ongoing fascination with gender-bending practices, it is clear that what defines ‘normal’ has changed. While academic texts still claim that sexual fetish games are ‘unusual’ – modern psychology is slowly but surely disproving them.

Based on dozens of studies, we know that kinky sex is extremely common among populations all over the world. People love to play games in the bedroom, try different types of fetish gear and indulge peculiar interests that they find arousing. Fetishes can change and evolve over time, and a single person can have several at once. There are really no rules when it comes to arousal.

It’s really important that if you have a sexual fetish, you take the time to open up to your partner about it. Honest communication and exploration is the only route to sexual happiness. So, what is a sexual fetish to you? Each person has to uncover what theirs might be. Sharing your kinks with a partner can be very fulfilling, just remember to start small and consider their feelings along the way.

Your kinks are part of who you are – and that’s as normal as it gets!

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What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it illuminating! In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you. Which sexual fetish do you think is the strangest you have ever heard about and why do you find it so strange? You can leave us a message on our adult shop contact us page or, be bold and leave a comment below. We would really appreciate your feedback and input.

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