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8 Unusual Sexual Kinks That Are Fun To Try Together

Sexual kinks are something couples come to learn about each other through exploration and adventure. But what happens when even your kinks are old and you need something new?

We are firm believers in a balanced sexual lifestyle, where both people in the relationship are able to openly explore and discover what they like and why. And while this is an excellent attitude to have, over time even the most adventurous sessions can begin to feel a little bit old hat.

That’s why it’s important to think outside the box and keep an element of total surprise in your sexual relationship. The happiest couples are the ones that will try new things together, even if they are a bit weird, or far outside their comfort zone.

Today we’re going to explore some unusual adult fetish plays that you and your significant other can try when your favourite kinks and sex moves have temporarily lost their appeal.

Kinky sexual games that are fun
Kinky sexual games that are fun

Unusual Kinks That You Might Love

It’s human nature to view your innate kinks as normal, and others as super weird and creepy. But then there are some sexual kinks that aren’t creepy at all. In fact, they have a curious attraction to them and you have found yourself thinking – ‘yeah, I’d try that out in good fun.’

Today we are giving you an opportunity to do just that. In the spirit of trying new things and exploring your sexual toy tastes with your significant other, here are 8 kinks that may be fun to experience for yourself, at least once!

#1: Sploshing or WAM

These sexual kinks are known as ‘wet and messy’ fetishes, because they involve food and things generally get extremely messy during the act. People like to cover themselves in food, eat food off each other and even own special tanks that they can do this in!

A surprisingly large amount of people are into sploshing, thanks to the high rates of sitophiles in the world. Food has always been a sensual thing, and people that find food sexy like to involve it more in their sexual plays. You don’t have to be extreme about it, but dabbling might teach you something!

  • Edible body paint is a nice entry level step into the world of kinky food
  • The whipped cream bikini is a popular food play that the two of you can try together
  • Investigate these sexual kinks a little more with desserts spread on your lover’s body!
Investigate these sexual kinks
Woman tries kinky sexual games at mirror

#2: Katoptronophilia

If you have always liked the idea of seeing yourself and your significant other in a mirror, you may have one of these sexual kinks. Katoptronophiliacs become aroused when there are mirrors around, they just love to watch the act of sex play out while they are making it happen.

As a couple, you can explore this fetish by placing mirrors next to the bed the next time you decide to spend the night exploring each other. If you find that the mirrors turn you on, then they may be something you can incorporate into your sex life in the long term.

  • Installing mirrors above the bed, for a bird’s eye view of the action
  • Having mirror furniture made so that you can see the action from all angles

Dr Mark Griffiths states that people who are into mirror fetishes like to play out various sexual kinks and watch them in mirrors. Roleplay and other sex acts may therefore be enhanced by adding a mirror.

#3: Pygophilia

One of the most sexualised areas of the human body is the rear end or buttocks. A pygophilliac is someone who is aroused by seeing and touching a person’s derrière.

These sexual kinks are especially prevalent in men, with woman’s behinds being the main attraction. Men that love anal sex and anal play might secretly be pygophilliacs.

  • Get hold of some massage oils and explore the area that you love with massage
  • Think about building up the range of sex toys that you have for anal play
Play kinky sexual games with woman
Man plays kinky sexual games with woman

#4: Auditory Fetish

Perhaps the most popular auditory fetish involves the use of swear words during sex. People that enjoy talking ‘dirty’ in the bedroom, may actually find specific swear words very erotic.

If you find yourself getting excited when your significant other talks to you this way during sex, try exploring this area of sexual kinks to see if you have an auditory fetish.

  • Roleplaying gives you plenty of opportunity to swear and speak differently
  • Experiment with different words, accents and scenes to make it interesting

#5: Trichophilia

If you are a trichophiliac then you love human hair. The way it smells, feels –everything about hair gets you going. And there might be a very good reason for this, from science.

Human pheromones – the chemical arousal stimulators that people produce in their skin, are especially prominent in the head area.

If you love your significant others hair, you might want to try including it more overtly in foreplay or during sex itself for a set of sexual kinks you’ll enjoy.

  • Wet hair can be very erotic, try scalp massage for a sensual foreplay
  • Choose sex positions that let you get closer to his or her hair

#6: Knismolagnia

Another set of sexual kinks that has made it into mainstream bedroom play, is knismolagnia, or ‘the tickling fetish’ as it is commonly known. If you and your significant other have explored some basic bondage play and have come across a feather tickler and enjoyed it – this might be one to try out.

People that enjoy this fetish are sexually aroused when they are tickled very lightly. The fetish itself often goes hand-in-hand with people that like feet or the armpit areas of the human body.

According to Laura Tedesco of Menshealth.com, feet and toes are the body parts most likely to be erotized, and one of the most common sexual kinks is sensual tickling in this area.

Mask Fetish
Kinky sexual games involve masks

#7: Mask Fetish

Couples that enjoy mask fetishes tend to do it because they like the idea of anonymous sex. These individuals may have a range of sexual kinks that span from swinging to swapping.

But you can try out a mask fetish and explore the realm of the anonymous in a perfectly monogamous environment with your significant other. Individuals that have a thing for masks are also into bondage and BDSM play.

#8: BDSM Suspension

With BDSM suspension sexual kinks, the submissive in the dynamic is suspended somehow – either over the bed, hung from a piece of furniture or a doorway.

A great way to dominate a submissive partner is to make them feel completely helpless. When bonds no longer do the trick, suspension can create an authentic feeling of powerlessness.

Starting At The Beginning

Whether you are looking to expand on an existing fetish or branch out into new areas of exploration, these unusual – yet perfectly harmless – sexual kinks can teach you a lot about what you like.

As with any new kink, start small and work your way up. This is done so that you can take note of your feelings and your significant other’s feelings as you delve deeper into the fetish.

By going slow and examining your experiences with each session – you will quickly begin to recognize the things that cause you arousal as a couple.

The perfect experience will involve something both of you are into, even if that experience offers you different things. The goal is always a shared eroticism so that trust can thrive and grow.

An adult fetish is something to acknowledge and share with the person that you love. Neither of you are ever going to be happy if you remain silent about the things you enjoy in the bedroom.

So the next time you want to know ‘what kind of sexual kinks are fun for couples?’ Try these 8 first and move from there. They will give you a great introduction into the multi-faceted world of fetishes and with each unique experience, you will discover more about your sexual identity as a couple.

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What Do You Think?

Thank you for reading our post, we hope you found it educational! In the spirit of our mission we have one more thing to ask you. Have you ever tried a weird kink and found it quite fun? Tell us about it!

Be bold, and leave your comment below.

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