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6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Sexual Performance

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Sexual Performance

Though sex is not always necessary, it might be an important part of a healthy relationship in which partners explore the intimacy between them. It is only natural that you want both of you to feel good, but sometimes there might be some factors that stand in the way of the satisfaction. Looking for different methods of enhancing your performance, you might have to improve existing problems or explore new ways of keeping your partner happy.

If you feel like you need to step up your game, you could try masturbating, focus more on foreplay, or try something new in bed. You should also take care of your body by exercising regularly and managing stress and anxiety. Moreover, you need to focus on the relationship aspect – both of you need to communicate about your satisfaction and address any relationship problems you might have.

Feeling like you are lacking in the sexual department might lead to anxiety and decreased self-esteem. Here are some tips that might help you boost your performance and overcome your problem. Read on!

1. Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. As much as possible, talk about how things are going between the two of you. Share everything that is on your mind, and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions, even if it’s about ordering big boobs sex dolls to spice up your sex life.

Talking about how things are going allows both of you to explore each other’s expectations and needs, which will ultimately lead to a happier relationship and better sexual performance. When communicating with your partner, ask questions and be mindful of non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and gestures. This will allow both of you to understand each other better, which will ultimately lead to a happier relationship.

2. Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are a great way to improve your sexual performance as it improves blood flow and oxygen to the genitals. You will become more sensitive, and you will be able to control your ejaculation better. It will also improve your bladder control and increase the intensity of your orgasms.

To perform the Kegel exercise, contract the muscles that you would use if you wanted to stop urinating mid-stream. Hold the contraction for 3 seconds, relax completely for 3 seconds, and then repeat this cycle ten times. Over time, increase the number of repetitions to 15 or 20, but never force it.

3. Manage Stress and Anxiety

Meditating can help you manage stress

It is important to manage stress and anxiety because they can have a negative impact on your performance. When you are stressed or anxious, it might not be a good time to be intimate with your partner since you will be more focused on your problems instead of the intimacy you share with your partner. Sex might not feel as good as it should be, and this might lead to anxiety, which will make sex even worse.

You might try the following to manage anxiety and stress levels:
●      Focusing more on physical sensations than sexual performance
●      Meditation and breathing exercises
●      Massage
●      Getting more sleep
●      Exercising
●      Going to therapy

4. Start Foreplay Early

Foreplay is important because it prepares both of you for sex by heightening your sensitivity and desire. Moreover, it increases the intimacy between you and your partner. Start touching and kissing your partner before actually getting into the act. This will allow you to release any tension, relax, and start enjoying the experience. If you rush things, you might feel like the whole intercourse was too short and unsatisfying.

Foreplay is especially important for women. According to a study from 2017, only around 18% of them experienced an orgasm from penetration alone. What is more, 36.6% of women required clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm during intercourse.

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5. Try New Positions

Another way of improving your sexual performance is to try new sexual positions, which will allow you to stimulate different areas of your and your partner’s body. There are many different sexual positions that you and your partner could try.

It is important to keep experimenting because it will show your partner that you care about their pleasure, and it might lead to better orgasms. Moreover, you will be able to explore new sensations and new aspects of your sexuality. Just make sure that you are not rushing your partner or yourself into anything you are not ready for.

6. Masturbate More Frequently

Masturbation is one of the easiest ways of improving your sexual performance because it can help you last longer in bed and improve your overall sexual health. Moreover, it improves your self-esteem, and when you feel better about yourself, you will be more confident. If you struggle with performance anxiety, you should try masturbating a few hours before having sex, as it will allow you to release any tension accumulated in your body.

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In Conclusion

It is only natural that you want to give your partner the best experience in bed. There are many different things you could do to make things better, but you need to be willing to try new things. Focus more on foreplay, experiment with different sexual positions, and communicate with your partner.

You might want to try a few methods before deciding which one works best for you and your partner. Improving your sexual performance will lead to better communication and intimacy between you and your partner, which is why you should make sure that your partner is on board with this plan.

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